Necklace Lengths Guide

Necklace Lengths Guide
Our necklace length guide can help you and our customers quickly make jewelry decisions based on the neckline style you're wearing. Print it today!

With fashion changing throughout the year, the latest trends are hard to keep up with but don’t let that dissuade you when you’re choosing a necklace. Once you become familiar with the different styles, matching the necklace to the neckline will be a piece of cake. What’s the best necklace to wear with a v-neck? How about a turtleneck?

One thing you’ll want to remember when choosing a necklace is that you never want it to compete with the style of neckline you’re wearing. For instance, if you are wearing a strapless top you wouldn’t want to match it with a 20-inch matinee or 24-inch opera length necklace, yet a 14-inch collar or 16-inch choker would hang perfectly. The graphic below shows the most popular styles of necklines in women’s fashion.

Necklace Length Guide

Now that you know the names of the necklines, you can match them up with the necklace lengths below. Feel free to print this guide so you can have it on hand for quick necklace and neckline matches.

Choker length necklaces

The choker and collar names are often used interchangeably, with various lengths in inches listed for each. It is a minor distinction, but we contend that the choker would go high around the neck while the collar would rest on the collarbone.

Collar Necklace Length

Princess Necklace Length

Matinee Length Necklaces

Opera Length Necklaces

Rope Necklace Lengths

Lariat Necklace Lengths

Of course, various body types and bust sizes will affect the visual length and drape of jewelry on the torso. And each person has unique preferences. It’s always a good idea to use string to take a measurement so you can find the sizes that you like the most. Or, simply use a ruler to measure your favorite necklaces in your jewelry box so you know what to buy. 

At Halstead, we sell finished chain necklaces in lengths from 14 inches to 36 inches. Or, you can always make custom length chains with the link styles you prefer. We can special order different finished lengths for higher volume orders if you are willing to wait longer for delivery. We have hundreds of chain styles to choose from on our website. To browse more quickly, look for the results filter by length. On your PC computer, it will be in the left-hand column of the product listing pages. On your mobile device, it is a red drop-down menu at the top of your screen called Narrow Results.Chain Length Group

You can download the entire Necklace Lengths Infographic!
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