2017 Halstead Catalog Highlights

2017 Halstead Jewelry supply Catalog

The 2017 Halstead jewelry supply catalog is coming to your mailbox soon, soon, soon! In addition to being chock-full of new and bestselling products, it’s also a great reference for your studio. It’s packed with inspiring, helpful information. Here’s a sneak peek:


We cover hot trends throughout the catalog, including the up-and-coming crescent moon motif. We’re also see a big uptick in finger rings, collar necklaces and saturn chain. Click on these hyperlinks to go directly to the product shopping pages.


You’ll find informative articles in a variety of sections in the catalog. This article by Johanna Harold of Harold Studios in Phoenix, Arizona, is from one of our most popular recent blogs: 3 Torch Tips for Soldering.


Kate Richbourg, jewelry educator, is our featured metalsmith this year. Kate teaches jewelry making across the country and is one our Halstead Preferred Teachers. She used gallery wire and a variety of solderables to make a gorgeous cocktail ring.


Inside the catalog, you’ll also find candid snapshots from around the Halstead HQ. This one features Hilary Halstead Scott with India the Wonderdog and Casey Sheppard, who stopped by to teach a staff workshop while on her cross-country trek Case of the Nomads.


We also included some pix from our travels last year. This is Marketing & Creative Manager Katie Hacker with Hilary at the Bead & Button Show in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Being on the road helps us stay current on trends in the industry so we can pass that knowledge and inspiration on to you.


Some of our industry peeps honored us with their catalog selfies last year, so we included a batch in the catalog this year! Here are some of our favorite faces. Will yours be next? Hashtag #HalsteadMakers so we can see your beautiful self!


In addition to over 200 pages of products, we give schools and organizations shout-outs in the catalog. Here’s a sneak peek at Beads of Courage, an arts-in-medicine program for kids who are coping with long-term illness. You’ll also find features on Lillstreet Art Center in Chicago; Studio JSD in Michigan; Revere Academy in California; SNAG (Society of North American Goldsmiths); Academy of Arts University in California; Flux Metal Arts in Ohio; Benches on Division in Chicago and Flourish & Thrive Academy, plus, lampwork artist Stephanie Sersich and Halstead Grant Winner Niki Grandics and the 2016 Halstead Grant Finalists.


We need to apologize for our error in reporting the Halstead Design Challenge: Kinetic results. We switched the 2nd and 3rd place winners in our catalog feature. The correct results are in the text: 1st Place Gabrielle Gould; 2nd Place Stacy Rodgers and 3rd Place Kirsten Denbow. Congratulations to all!

2017 Halstead Jewelry supply Catalog

We hope you enjoy this year’s catalog and use it as a resource all year long. We’re already starting on the next one!

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2017 Halstead Jewelry Supply Catalogs are Ready to Ship!

2017 Halstead Jewelry supply Catalog

We’re so excited here at Halstead, we love this time of year! Every year, we begin working on our catalog in February. In December, we send it to the printer. By this time, months and months of editing are behind us so it’s thrilling to finally see the finished catalog and pass it along to you.

Here’s an overview of what you can expect to see in our 2017 Halstead Jewelry Supply Catalog: over 200 pages full of brand new & bestselling items, tips & hints, the latest trends and helpful charts that you can refer to all year long. 

2017 Halstead Jewelry supply Catalog

We’re also featuring several artists in this year’s catalog: 2016 Halstead Grant winner Nikki Grandics owner of ENJI Studios, preferred teachers Kate Richbourg and Stephanie Sersich, plus, an overview of the 2016 Halstead Kinetic Design Challenge.

In addition, most of our images in the catalog are actual size. It is a useful tool to help you visualize the relative scale of items in a way that a website simply cannot do.

But, even if you have a printed catalog, it’s still important to visit the website regularly. We have over 1,000 items that do not appear in print, we add approximately 100 new items every month and the website is full of information to help you shop.

It’s easier than ever now to navigate our website! Here are a few tips:

Halstead Website Image1 1. Use the Web Only navigation filter to see the items that do not appear in the current print catalog.

Capture Website Image 2

2. Visit product pages to see detailed information on the items and to leave reviews to help other customers make informed choices when they shop.

Halstead Website Image 3

3. Bookmark our New Items section so you can see the latest additions to our website.


Also, don’t forget to post your selfie when you receive your catalog and tag #HalsteadMakers. Do you read it with your morning coffee? Do you take it to the pool? Do you tear out pages for your inspiration wall? Tell us!


The Halstead Team

Shipping Details:

Active Customers (within the U.S.) will automatically go into a bulk catalog mailing and catalogs will arrive on doorsteps within the next 2-4 weeks.

International Customers may request a catalog when they place an order but they will be responsible for additional shipping charges.

New Customers will receive the catalog through a weekly bulk mailing that will be separate from their first order.

For additional questions, please contact our Customer Service Representatives either online by chat or call toll-free at 1-800-528-0535.  


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Torch Tips, Fuels & Solder Melting Points

Halstead Studio Image

Several weeks ago I was shopping for a fuel source to use for my jewelry bench at home. The butane torch I have was great for small soldering jobs but I needed another heat source for larger jobs. I started shopping around and found it was much harder to find the right torch than I thought it would be. Here are my findings after careful research across the web.

Fuel Types: Maximum heat & the pros and cons of each one.

Fuel Types for Jewelry Making

Solder: Melt & Flow Temperatures.

Solder: Melt & Flow Temperatures

Click here for a PDF download

Torch Tips: What Tip to Use?

Various Torch Tips used in Metalsmithing

One thing to remember is that the tip is very important when using a torch. We use two separate torch set-ups here in the studio, the Turbo Torch, and a Smith Torch. Both of these companies use their own numbering system for their tips. We have 5 different tips between the two torches. A-3 & A-11 for the Turbo Torch and 00, 1 and 2 with the Smith Torch. They range from smaller to larger tips covering everything we need. Here are the tips we use and why:

Small (A-3 & 00): these tips are perfect for small jobs like soldering together a jump ring or soldering a bail onto the end of a chain.

Medium (1 & 2): is used for larger scale soldering such as a large pendant or when you need heat the entire piece.

Large (A-11): This large tip is used for annealing and melting metals.

Smaller tips equal less heat, so depending on the size of the piece, you’ll want to use the right tip every time. However, there are other things to consider when using your torch. Many items around you will dissipate the heat such as a vise or a tool you are using, this is called “heat sink”. Also metal cools quickly and on larger pieces as you wave the torch tip back and forth across the piece the opposite side is already cooling. When this happens you can reflect the heat back onto the piece by building a simple fire brick container. Try to heat the piece again inside this container (this container works well also when melting scrap in a crucible) and you’ll find that you’re not losing as much heat as before.

Halstead fire brick container 2

I finally chose the propane/air setup at my house. Overall it was enough heat for me and the small pieces that I work on there, plus running down to the local store to replace it was a huge selling point for me. Remember to be patient and have fun as you become accustomed to your new torch set up.

If you have any comments, tips or experiences you’ve had with torches, please don’t hesitate to post below.

For additional soldering and flame tips here’s a blog you may like to read: 3 Torch Tips for Soldering.

Halstead is one of North America’s leading distributors of jewelry supplies. Halstead specializes in wholesale findings, chain, tools, and metals for jewelry artists.

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