On the Cover of Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist

Check out the cover project in this month's Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist by Halstead Preferred Teacher Eva Sherman.

Check out Halstead Preferred Teacher Eva Sherman’s fused silver bracelet in this month’s issue of Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist. Eva uses Halstead tube bezel settings and loose CZ stones to create a beautiful, one-of-kind bracelet.

The stones are especially easy to set when you use our tube bezel setting tools, which are available in four sizes. To use a tube bezel setting tool, place the stone right-side-up inside the tube bezel. Place the cup-shaped end of the tube bezel setting tool over the stone, then tap the opposite end with a rawhide hammer. Watch our tube bezel setting video for additional tips and tricks.

Shop for tube bezel settings and other jewelry supplies at Halsteadbead.com.

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