Essential Tools for Your New Jewelry Studio

Build your studio bench with Erica's top picks of essential tools for metalsmiths.

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Build Your Workbench with Erica’s Top Picks

Soldering Kit X299 - $77.50:
Soldering Kit X299                        These are all the basic tools you need for soldering. I like kits because they save you money when you’re building your bench. Read our tips on troubleshooting your butane torch.
Stamping Kit XJ3501: $79.90:
Stamping Kit XJ3501                         I love stamping to add personal touches to my jewelry. This kit includes a nice, basic font and everything you need to get started.



Hand Tool Starter Kit X1001 - $192.60
Hand Tool Starter Kit X1001        I’m really excited about our newest kit! My classes at Yavapai College inspired us to put this together. It’s full of tools to take with you to your first metalsmithing classes.




Jewelers Bench X222 - $550.00
Jewelers Bench X222                         I can’t end the post without showing you our beautiful new bench that is Made in the USA. It ships separately at no additional cost, too!


Sterling Silver Metals
I highly suggest that beginning metalsmiths  practice working with copper material. As you become more advanced, you’ll move up to my favorite metal: sterling silver. Sterling silver sheet is available in 18, 20, 22 and 24-gauge and we have a wide variety of sterling silver wire.

Erica S.

Erica is Halstead’s resident Jill of All Trades. She has been with the company for 10 years in a variety of departments. Her favorite role so far is what she’s doing now as the Web and Graphics Assistant.

She has fallen in love with metal smithing and is excited to share her adventures here on the blog. Erica’s top tip for new metalsmiths is: “Practice! Be patient with yourself and have fun with it.”

As of 2019, Erica is now our resident Jewelry Studio Coordinator who teaches many classes to the Halstead employees.



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