Top 9 Things We Love About Working at Halstead

And the poll results are in... why we love working at Halstead.

Staff votes are in! Here are a few of our favorite things about working at Halstead in no particular order…

Halstead Birthday Celebrations

1. Birthdays – cake, food & fun! Without fail we celebrate birthdays every month with a catered lunch, and if there isn’t one during that month we usually find a reason to celebrate anyway.

2. Friendly, family-oriented work environment. – Our 8-5 work schedule really means 8-5. No one stays late, or works overtime so we can get home for family time. Flexible scheduling means we can make it to school plays and soccer games so our loved ones know they are top priority.

3. Jewelry – Who doesn’t love working with bling! We have a pretty cool product line.

4. Awesome customers! – We have a creative, talented and kind customer base. We love talking on the phone and emailing back and forth with customers who have been with us for decades as well as new accounts just starting out with Halstead.


5. Dog-friendly – Furry therapy at work! We have had several canine companions at the office over the years. Our current resident pup is Seth’s dog, Tuper. He is in the warehouse every day. Bring cookies and you will have a friend for life.

6. Winter vacation – One of the best perks at Halstead is the annual holiday closing from just before Christmas Eve until the first work day after New Year’s Day. We feel lucky to spend winter break with our families each year.

Halstead Employee Studio7. Our studio – Employees take jewelry making classes in the Halstead studio. Studio time gives us hands on experience with the products we sell so we can provide better quality control and service. Plus, classes are just good fun. We crank up the music and have fun being creative alongside colleagues from every department. We’ve had six class sessions so far this summer with several more on the calendar before busy season hits.

8. Training – Professional development extends beyond the studio at Halstead. The company invests time and money in training employees on software systems and workplace skills through both internal and external programs.

9. Profit Sharing – Each quarter that the company is profitable all full and part-time staff members receive profit sharing checks based on seniority, attendance and performance. The generous bonuses can really add up.

Working at Halstead offers opportunity to grow and a fantastic working environment. We feel lucky to be part of this team each day we come to work.

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