JPHii Design: A Top 5 Finalist of the 2013 Halstead Grant

Moving from a Top 10 Finalist in 2012 to a Top 5 Finalist this year, we're revisiting John Harris, owner of JPHii Design.

John Harris is no stranger to The Halstead Grant after receiving a Top 10 Finalist Award last year. His designs are fascinating and it has been fun to watch him grow and expand, not only his jewelry line but also his business. He was born in Syracuse, NY  and as an artist he learned a multitude of skills in the field, finally choosing metals as his passion.  Studying at Buffalo State College he earned a Bachelor of Arts  in Anthropology and a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Jewelry/Metal Design in 2012. His love for Anthropology and metalsmithing merged into an extensive line of creations ranging from jewelry to masks, knives, prosthetics and more.  In fact, browsing through his portfolio I just discovered a brass and wood marionette!


A Cymbal as a Symbal Series

He still has his popular Geared series and A Cymbal for a Symbal: “Take the broken, the used, and the tarnished and turn it into something beautiful.” Taking recycled broken drum cymbals and then cutting, polishing and redesigning them, is his jewelry line which is sold exclusively for charity.

Prehistoric Mycelium

Since we last blogged about John, he has expanded his popular Mycelium Collection to include prehistoric inspired jewelry: “The Prehistoric Mycelium line is a collection of one-of-a-kind Mycelium pieces based on the abstraction of dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures.”

The Diviner’s Badge - Plant Stones

He’s also added a Plant Stone series.  Using ancient alchemic techniques, John and his team take plant material and turn them into stone. The process is a trade secret that took them 5 years to learn and are custom made by request only.

 You can purchase his jewelry on the JPHii Etsy Site, where prices range from $25-$85.

Halstead awards a business grant to a new jewelry designer in the bridge segment each summer. The grant awards $6,000 in start-up capital and merchandise to a new design company. If you are starting a new jewelry design business, please check out the 2014 jewelry grant application and eligibility details.

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