Designer Jewelry

Lisette Fee (L) in Eilisain Studio with Assistant - Photo by Aileen Devlin

Hiring Your First Jewelry Studio Assistant


Hiring your first jewelry business assistant is a huge step in your business’ growth! It can also make you nervous as you think about inviting someone else into your design process. We talked to jewelers who have been there, either as a new boss expanding their business or as an assistant to a jeweler. They have some great advice on how to make this next big step successful for your business.

Build a Jewelry Photography Setup for $100


Photographing your own jewelry can be a big money saver for your business. With the right setup you can turn out quality photos yourself, versus spending hundreds of dollars having them photographed by a professional. Unfortunately a good setup for photography could cost hundreds, even thousands of dollars, right? Not necessarily. Read on to find out how to get a great jewelry photography setup for your studio for about $100.

Tips For Responding To (And Avoiding) Jewelry Customer Complaints


Nearly every business across all industries has to deal with customer complaints. It’s a natural side effect of being a business owner unfortunately. But knowing how to deal with complaints can make or break your business. No one wants to work with a business who won’t take their complaint seriously or dismisses it without listening. We talked to a few jewelry business owners for their best advice on how to handle customer complaints.