Tips For Responding To (And Avoiding) Jewelry Customer Complaints

Nearly every business across all industries has to deal with customer complaints. It’s a natural side effect of being a business owner unfortunately. But knowing how to deal with complaints can make or break your business. No one wants to work with a business who won’t take their complaint seriously or dismisses it without listening. We talked to a few jewelry business owners for their best advice on how to handle customer complaints.

Adding Diamonds to your Silver Jewelry Collection

Don’t be afraid to add some diamond sparkle to your sterling silver jewelry collection! Once considered entirely unconventional, many jewelers are finding that diamonds add the perfect touch to their silver lines. We talked to a few experts to get their thoughts on this trend.

2018 Halstead Design Challenge Results

2018 Halstead Design Challenge Results

The annual Halstead Design Challenge encourages participants to create a brooch revolving around a theme using the same kit of materials. This year’s competition inspired unique pieces with hidden objects and impressive mechanisms. Click through to the individual entry listings to see videos that unveil the surprise element of each piece.

Women of Jewelry

100 Women of Jewelry

Linda, a jewelry designer and studio owner, was inspired to write a book as a tribute to all the women in the industry, and to pass on inspiration and information to the next generation of designers.