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Fast & Fabulous! What better way to explain our seven ring tips & trends that are featured below. Summer is the perfect time to show off silver rings for stacking, pattern wire bands or embellished charm rings. At Halstead we offer ring making materials and simple ready-to-wear rings in sterling silver or gold-filled for easy upsells. Add custom settings or solder ornaments to our popular silver ring bands. Rings are one of the biggest jewelry categories this year so be sure to weave options into your seasonal collection. Which ideas inspire you?

Cabochon ring design infographic

Gap finger ring designsCharm rings ideasMaking patterned ring bandsMaking a CZ set ring

Adjustable silver ringsStacking rings inspiration

The biggest challenge with selling jewelry rings in your collection is stocking different sizes. It is best to offer a range of ring sizes from size 5 to 9 to cover most potential customer preferences. The most popular ring size is 7. Encourage clients to try rings on different fingers. Offer sizing services to step it up a notch.

Get started with stone setting in your collection of silver rings. Experiment with ready-made ring settings or solder together your own combinations of prong, tube or bezel setting heads with different ring bands. Birthstone rings are always strong sellers at Mother’s Day and the holidays.

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