Rock Salt Casting as Seen in Belle Armoire Jewelry

Photo: Johanna Love
Get a sneak peek at rock salt casting: it's easier than you think! Watch a quick video demo and preview some of the designs that appear in the Spring 2018 issue of Belle Armoire Jewelry.

This month, my jewelry designs are featured in the Belle Armoire Jewelry magazine 2018 Spring Issue, which is a beautiful, mixed media magazine featuring tips, techniques, and projects. I was overjoyed when they accepted the pieces shown below!  The article in this issue will be covering rock salt casting: how to cast and finish your pieces. I thought I would follow that up with a video so you can see the casting process in action.

Rock Salt Casting Ring

Rock salt casting may seem intimidating at first, but let me assure you it is a lot of fun. Rock salt cast pieces come out jagged and sharp or round and smooth. The fun is never knowing what you will end up with. You can melt and pour metal over and over using studio scrap or silver casting grain just looking for the casting you like, or, you can manipulate the rock salt by discarding big or small pieces depending on the size of the cavities that you desire. A small bag of rock salt is inexpensive and can be used for years. The resulting castings have an organic feel that you can play with in your designs to evoke ocean coral, hot lava or celestial bodies, for example.

Rock Salt Cast Cuff Bracelet

Please remember that safety is always first. Rock salt casting will pop when heat hits it. Be sure to cover up from head to toe to protect yourself from the popping hot rocks. Try to keep the flame off of the rock salt because the fire will make rock salt pop, too. Watch the video below to see the casting process in action.

Check out the 2018 Spring issue to see more about the rock salt casting process and the finishing steps. To learn more about Belle Armoire and their sister publications, find free projects, or to subscribe to the magazine, check out their website at Belle Armoire Jewelry. All of the jewelry findings shown in the images above can be found at Halstead.

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