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Three quick and easy handmade jewelry projects for Valentine's Day!

Valentine's Day Cover

Valentine’s Day is coming right up and your customers are going to love having a variety of gift choices. Here are three projects that are fun to make. They’re simple, so you can create them quickly. From an assembled rose gold-filled set of earrings that are sparkly and bright, to a riveted charm bracelet, to a layered necklace with a CZ channel pendant, these projects are perfect for Valentine’s Day or for any special occasions. You can find these and other findings for your own creations at Halstead.

Rose Gold-Filled Sparkly Earrings (skills: assembly)

Valentines Day-Rose Gold Filled Earrings
This was a quick project, but it doesn’t look like it. The mix of sterling silver and rose gold-filled findings creates a striking contrast to the piece, while the CZ and swinging heart add a touch of fun.

To create this piece, you will need to glue the stardust round beads onto the pearl posts. Use a hole punch to create holes in the washer where jump rings will connect the heart to the washer. Connect the pieces together as shown.


Quick little project! It took 10-15 minutes to create a pair of earrings. Light finishing using a soft toothbrush and mild soap or an untreated polishing cloth.

Items used:

  • 6 = 14/20 Rose GF 4mm Stardust Round (Item #: GLR4)
  • 2 = 14/20 Rose GF 13mm 24ga Circle Link (Item #: GFR2282)
  • 2 = Sterling Silver 8.5×6.6mm 28ga Heart Blank (Item #: SL3162)
  • 8 = 14/20 Rose GF 4mm OD 22 gauge Open Jump Rings (Item #: GRJ64)
  • 2 = 14/20 Rose GF 12.6×19.8mm 20ga Swoop Earwire (Item #: GFR6408)
  • 2 = 14/20 Rose GF 8.7×4.7mm Bezel Link with 4mm CZ (Item #: GFR784CZ)
  • 2 = Sterling Silver 3mm Pearl Cup Drop Tassel Twisted Peg Setting (Item #: S174)


Riveted Heart-on-Heart CZ Charm Bracelet (skills: riveting, assembly & finishing)

Our heart charm bracelet is a great way to express your love. Use jump rings to connect a cursive “love” charm in the center. Rivet a silver heart onto a larger gold one for a special handmade touch. Connect a red CZ pendant on each side to finish it off.

A 3mm sliver of sterling silver wire and a riveting hammer are all you need to attach the hearts together.


Plan about 20 minutes for this project. I like to sink my rivets down into the pieces so they're flush. You can achieve that using a simple diamond reamer or a round bur to widen the hole slightly at the top and bottom.

Items used:

  • 5 = Sterling Silver 4x9mm 18ga Eye (Item #: S039)
  • 1 = 14/20 GF 19.7x17mm 24ga Heart Blank Link (Item #: GF25542)
  • 3mm = Sterling Silver 20ga Round Half Hard Wire (Item #: SW20H)
  • 1 = Sterling Silver 25.2×8.7mm 22ga Laser Love Link (Item #: SA555)
  • 1 = Sterling Silver 11.9×10.3mm 20ga Sideways Heart Blank (Item #: S6824)
  • 1 = Sterling Silver 7 inch, 5.3mm Heart Chain Bracelet with Lobster Claw (Item #: 2RH007)
  • 2 = Sterling Silver 5.6×10.6mm Teardrop Bezel Charm with 4.5x7mm Garnet (Item #: SK463)

Note: Finish gold-filled and rose gold-filled pieces using a soft toothbrush with mild soap or use untreated polishing cloth.

CZ Channel Bar Layered Necklace (skills: assembly, setting & finishing)

Layered necklaces are still one of the top trends today in the jewelry world. This classic look will be popular with customers. Loved ones will enjoy receiving it as well. A small heart charm and the pendant hang on the 16 & 20in strands while the larger link chain stands out by itself just by size. Stylish & classy!

The channel bar pendant at the bottom is a new item. To use it, place five 3mm stones inside the channel.  Then, use flat-nose pliers to carefully squeeze the sides together in small increments making sure that all of the stones remain seated as you squeeze.


Plan about 15-20 minutes to complete this one. Use care when squeezing the sides in on the channel bar and be sure you have smooth jaws on your pliers so they don't scratch the silver.

Items used:

  • 1 = Sterling Silver 10×13.9mm Brite Toggle (Item #: S32609)
  • 1 = Sterling Silver 7.5x9mm 26ga Heart Tags (Item #: SL299)
  • 4 = Sterling Silver 3mm OD 22ga Open Jump Ring (Item #: SJ63)
  • 3 = Sterling Silver 4.5mm OD 20ga Open Jump Ring (Item #: SJ84)
  • 18in = Sterling Silver 4mm Dapped Cable Chain Footage (Item #: 2207P)
  • 36in = Sterling Silver 1.5mm Cable Jewelry Chain Footage (Item #: 215CB)
  • 1 = Sterling Silver Five 3mm Stone Channel Bar Pendant Setting (Item #: SEF5503)

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