Studio Class Roundup

Last class of the year in the Halstead Studio! From designing, budgeting and planning see what the team made in their 2017 final open studio sessions.

Halstead's Studio Roundup

We’ve just finished our last jewelry studio session of 2017. It’s always a sad time of the year when we shut the studio down for the busy season, but we do like to make the last class fun for a chosen few. The rules are that they incorporate skills they’ve learned throughout the year and present three ideas to Hilary, Katie and me. We, in turn, choose the most challenging design we would like to see them make and then they’re given a $30 budget. They have two full days in the studio to create their pieces, beginning by writing down all of the necessary steps that will be required to finish their pieces to the actual completion.

The skills they learn about designing, budgeting, planning, and creating is always fun to watch and, though they work on their own, I do work closely with them if problems arise. It’s one of my favorite times of the year in the studio to see them excel at their very own projects and the pride they have when they complete them. The five team members who were chosen this year were Lori & Morgan (Customer Service Representatives) and Allen, Cason and Justin (Logistics Team). Here are the awesome jewelry pieces that each one of them made:


Torch Dance by Lori

Lori - Torch Dance

What did you learn?

I will never look at a piece of handmade jewelry the same – all the time and expertise that goes into each piece – it’s just amazing!


Devoted 2 U by Allen

Allen - Devoted 2 U

What would you do differently next time, if you were to make this project again?

I would take a little more time with shaping and forming the ring as well as working a little more on the base plate to match the outer bezel closer.


Swiss Cheese Wing Ring by Morgan

Morgan - Swiss Cheese Wing Ring

What did you learn?

Do not give up after a mistake is made. Keep with it & you can find a solution that works.


Tails by Cason

Cason - Tails

What would you do differently next time, if you were to make this project again?

I learned that the gypsy setting is a lot harder than it looks. Next time, I would like to try using a high speed engraver for the jewel setting.


Just Triangles by Justin

Justin - Just Triangles

What did you learn?

I just enjoy learning new skills and being able to be creative in the studio. Just thinking about designs and how to make them happen. Studio time is always great!


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