Tips for Writing Your Grant Application

Halstead Grant Applications are due August 1st. Here are our top five tips for filling out the application.

Halstead Grant applications are due August 1st. Filling out the application is a powerful way to look at your business, set clear goals and outline measurable steps to success.


As you work on your application, keep the following tips in mind:

  1. Set aside plenty of time. Contestants report that preparing for the grant takes a minimum of several days. This is not something you can do in a few hours. Make sure you start early enough to get through the entire application. The program is designed to make you think hard about your business. Don’t rush it.
  2. Get input. Finalists report that they leaned heavily on friends, family, professors and small business advisors for feedback on their packets. Fresh eyes can be tremendously helpful.
  3. The grant is not a lottery. The applications we receive each year are excellent. If you submitted in the past and did not win, you should improve your application this time around. If you submit the same packet, you will get the same result.
  4. Presentation matters. It is not the only factor, but the way you present your company makes an impression on the judging committee. Don’t send us loose, out of order papers with coffee stains. That communicates a lot about how you handle your business. Your branding should extend to your packet’s appearance.
  5. Embrace the process. The application is difficult because starting a business is extremely difficult. It requires tenacity, patience, research and talent. This program gives you an advantage in the marketplace if you take it seriously. Once your application is complete you will have a clearly defined strategy for the first several years of your start-up. You will have a road map for your financials, production and marketing. You will have specific goals to guide your progress. Your business will be more successful because of it, so take the opportunity for all it is worth!

We’re thrilled that our guest judge this year is Marthe Le Van of Mora, a designer jewelry gallery in Asheville, North Carolina. Marthe brings a wealth of experience to the role and we can’t wait to see her perspective on this year’s applications.

Winner receives: $7500 cash + $1000 supplies + trip to Prescott, Arizona + signature Grant Finalist trophy + cover and feature spread in the new annual grant publication Reveal + feature profile and jewelry showcase in the next printed catalog + blog and  video profile + press release assistance + feedback report from the judging committee.

Finalists receive: $500 cash for Top 5 placement or $250 for Top 10 placement. Awards include: Coverage in the new annual grant publication Reveal +signature Grant Finalist trophy + media exposure + press release assistance + feedback report from the judging committee.

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