Your Password is Changing! Web Launch and More.

We've developed a whole new website to serve you better! Take a quick video tour and read about our new website, checkout process, features, navigation and more.

Halstead: Intro to Navigation

 Click on the image above to check out our 4 minute Intro to Navigation video

Dear Friends,

Big changes are coming to Halstead! Read on to find out about important updates that will affect you.

**Please note that online shopping will not be available from approximately 5pm MST, Friday June 24 through 5pm MST, Saturday June 25 as part of this launch.

1. New Website
After about five years on the same site, it is time to upgrade. Our new platform will expand possibilities for service and feature enhancements in line with the most current technologies available. Be sure to click on the brief video above for a preview on the new navigation system. Rolling out new website features will take time so we thank you in advance for your patience as we launch.

2. Password Updates
If you are a current customer, your new username and password have already been emailed to you. Check your spam box if you have not received the email. Please start using your new login on Sunday, June 26.

3. New Checkout
The new streamlined checkout process will check quantities available when you submit your order. So, you will find out right away about most shortages or stock outs. That gives you the option to change your order immediately without having to wait for a call from our service team. Or, type in additional instructions in the checkout comments area. Of course, we encourage you to call us to inquire about estimated stock arrival dates or suggested product substitutes if you wish. Our service team is happy to assist you.

4. Payment Processing Changes
New regulations prohibit us from seeing your complete payment information in our system. We will now only be able to see the last four digits of your card number. Payment will be safely processed directly by our merchant services provider.

5. Shipping Rates Changes
We pass our negotiated FedEx rates and USPS rates on to you. Customers in areas that FedEx classifies as rural or “extended area” addresses will now incur the entire fee charged for those deliveries. In the past, we only passed on a small portion of that charge. Customers who notice a significant increase in FedEx pricing will be better served with the USPS shipping option for most packages. To accommodate this shift, we will now raise the value maximum of packages we allow to ship via USPS to $500. Our shipping system will now directly quote rates from our shipping carriers for your specific delivery address when you place your order. You may notice a price difference when you ship to two different addresses in the same city.

6. Weight & Size Matter
If you follow the news, you have already heard that the weight and size of your package now dramatically affect the costs of shipments to the same address. That means you may pay a different price from one shipment to the next depending on what you order.

7. New Features & Navigation
Some new website features will be available right away, such as product reviews and comments. Others will roll out over time. Our navigation organization will change to be more consistent with other industry websites that break product down by the type of jewelry component and then allow you to filter results by metal or other features. Of course, you can always search by stock number or keyword as well.

8. Comments Field
Please enter your instructions for shortages or out of stock items in the checkout comments field. Also note any coupon codes in the comments area. We will adjust pricing once we download your order.

9. Saved Carts Will Expire
Any items currently saved in your shopping cart will be purged this Friday. Please complete your order immediately or make a note of your pending orders and favorites.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation and patience as we all adjust to the new website. We encourage you to place any urgent orders before this Friday morning, June 24. Please call our service team with any questions and we will be happy to assist you.


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