Clever Engineering & Sophisticated Style by Lucia Pearl

Halstead Grant Top 10 Finalist Lucia Pearl designs jewelry for women like herself who want to wear items that are unique, special and spark conversation.


luciapearlHalstead Grant Top 10 Finalist Lucia Pearl is a Brooklyn-based jewelry maker whose work is by turns playful and sophisticated in design.

Lucia says she approaches design “by looking  beyond the conventions of traditional jewelry, exploring the unique ways in which a piece might be worn and questioning what it may provide for the wearer apart from its aesthetic qualities.”


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Lucia Pearl Jewelry is designed with women like Lucia herself in mind, who want to wear items that are unique, special and spark conversation.

The earring shown here is meant to look like a gauge but can be worn by anyone with pierced ears.

Influenced by studies in Morocco, she incorporates items like this Fibula Sweater Clip into her line. It’s inspired by traditional Moroccan Fibulae, but can also be worn as a brooch.

This trademark necklace is adjustable and can be worn a number of ways, adding function and versatility to the wearer’s jewelry wardrobe.

Lucia graduated from the Tyler School of Art in Pennsylvania before landing in New York to pursue her jewelry making career.

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2015 Halstead Grant FinalistsThe Halstead Grant competition began in 2006 to inspire the pursuit of excellence in design and business practices in the jewelry arts community. Applicants must submit a design portfolio in addition to elements of a successful business plan including marketing strategy, production capacity and financial analysis. The 2016 Halstead Grant is bigger and better than ever!

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