Trend Alert: Unconventional Earring Designs

Unconventional earring designs take us on a little adventure without leaving home. Ear threads, cuffs, 360 and oversized ear wires are just a few of the free-spirited looks we're loving right now.

Unconventional We’re in love with all of these new choices for earring findings! You can take a little adventure without leaving home just by switching out your usual studs for ear threads or by adding a cuff to one or both ears for a bold, adventurous look.

Girl wearing copper and silver spike earrings and necklace.

Call them double-sided posts, 360 or front/back earrings. Whatever their name, these cool earring findings have a fresh, new look that infuses your jewelry with a free-spirited sense of the journey. They’re available with pre-attached elements or your can choose a plain double-sided style and embellish them your own way.

Girl with unique earring reading

Who says ear wires have to be all function and no form? Oversized V-wire and marquise shapes add instant style to the simplest of earrings. Leave them smooth and shiny or make your mark on the surface of the ear wires with your favorite texturing hammer.

Girl with unique threaded earring

Ear threads give you options. Link lightweight metal components or beads that express your personal style, then thread them through one hole or two for a different point of view. Remember, it’s the journey and not the destination that counts.




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