Halstead Jewelry Minute: Studio Bench Set-up

In this episode, we’ll cover 5 tips for setting up your own home jewelry studio bench. We will also cover some low cost tips and alternatives.

1. Studio Location – Keep your studio away from the kitchen or anywhere there’s food.

2. Selecting a Table – Needs to be able to withstand hammer blows and harmful spills.

3. Table Height – You’ll ideally want a table that is about 40″ tall, which is about chest height when sitting.

5. Table Edge – Select an edge that vices can attach to easily.

6. Fire Safety – Protect your table surface with a ceramic tile or masonry bricks for extra security.

Visit us at halsteadbead.com for all your tools and supplies.


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  • I am very interested in learning to make jewelry and would welcome all information to get me going in the right direction, start up tools, materials and classes. Thank you for your time!
    Jessie Macek

    • Thanks for your inquiry, Jessie. There are so many techniques in jewelry making that your best bet would be to find classes in your area and start there. They will tell you what tools you need to begin with plus the different materials to work with. Hope that helps!

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