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We sent Katie Hacker a Peridot & Pearls Inspiration Collection. See what this talented designer made with our jewelry components!


Peridot & Pearls Inspiration Collection: Necklaces

by Katie Hacker

Everybody needs a creative jump start sometimes. One of my favorite ways to get the juices flowing is to take an assortment of interesting jewelry components and see how many different things I can make. Once I get into the flow, it seems like the ideas will never stop! I start out with the simplest assembly, like a basic pair of earrings or a simple pendant, or both. Once that design breaks the ice, I begin layering elements together and creating more complex pieces.

Peridot & Pearls Inspiration Collection

I was so thrilled to receive this Peridot & Pearls Inspiration Collection from Halstead!  One of my favorite things about the gemstone drops is that they have open backs so the light can shine through the stones. And, I could see right away that all of these components would make it easy to create high-end designs.

Peridot & Pearls Inspiration Collection: Pearl Earrings

This earring trio is a perfect example of how I work from simple to complex. The pre-wrapped pearl droplets make it easy to experiment because your time can be spent assembling instead of wrapping. For the first pair, I just added a pearl drop to a distinctive teardrop ear wire. In the second pair, the link is the focus. For the third pair, I linked jump rings together and attached a leaf or pearl to each ring to create the clustered effect to transform the individual jewelry components.

Peridot & Pearls Inspiration Collection: Peridot Earrings

Once I got started, I couldn’t stop! The pretty little gemstone drops make it easy to create simple, elegant earrings without setting any stones. They are absolutely beautiful on their own, or you can layer them with other elements. The twisted rings add texture and you can see how decorative ear wires take the earrings on the ends to the next level.

Peridot & Pearls Inspiration Collection: Peridot Set

Here’s a set that I would wear every day, even if I wasn’t born in August. Imagine a bridal collection in your wedding colors, or a mother’s collection with all of your children’s birthstones. There are so many possibilities when you’re inspired by jewelry findings!

Peridot & Pearls Inspiration Jewelry Components Collection:

  • S188: 8x25mm Leaflet
  • S191: 4.7×13.5mm Leaves
  • SK64: 6mm Peridot Bezel Charm
  • S32814: 6.5x24mm Teardrop Earwire
  • S6041: 8.2×14.7mm Filigree Teardrop Charm
  • S606P: 6mm Freshwater Pearl Drop
  • TK141006: 9x23mm Flower Earwire
  • SE1827: 11.3x22mm Wiggle Earwire
  • SK624:  13.6×7.9mm Peridot Bezel Link
  • SK464: 5.5×10.9mm Peridot Teardrop Charm
  • SK44: 4mm Peridot Bezel Charm
  • TK182001: 21x4mm Small Brite Hook & Eye
  • SJ74: 4mm Jump Ring
  • S428: 8mm Large Twisted Jump Ring
  • S425: 5mm Small Twisted Jump Ring

Katie Hacker is an author, instructor and the host of Beads, Baubles & Jewels on public television. She loves sharing ideas and helping people find their creativity through jewelry making.

Halstead, is one of North America’s leading distributors of jewelry supplies. The firm is celebrating their 41st anniversary this year. Halstead specializes in wholesale findings, chain, tools and metals for jewelry artists.

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  • Beautiful. I love Peridot, and Katie, you have designed such lovely pieces.
    I really appreciate the fact that your designs seem to be for the “every day” jewelry maker like me. Very pretty designs that are not overly complicated. ♡ Thank you Katie. You are my favorite designer!

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