Feast your eyes on our brand new Employee Training Studio!

We've remodeled an old storage room into a brand new studio. See the process here!

As an employee of the Halsteads I can’t be more thrilled about this exciting news:

we have a brand new training studio!

Halstead Studio

In November, the Halsteads  announced they were planning on remodeling the upstairs storage room and turning it into a brand new teaching studio. I was lucky enough to be chosen to document the process! Actually I may have volunteered, but that’s beside the point.

News of the upcoming construction spread around the office on January 8th as flooring bids rolled in from our local contractors.  A team was chosen and on the 17th, as construction workers poured into the offices (3 of them to be exact) I grabbed the company’s trusty old Canon and began shooting the images. Leaping to the left and right while trying to stay out of the way, I shot exciting pictures of the old, brown carpet being unceremoniously ripped up and the new beautiful red linoleum being tenderly installed.

After a much needed rest I began shadowing Tom a couple of days later as he built, painted and then carefully hung our new workbenches. Boy, did they look great! The last step in my important photo documentary was to follow Suzie as she began the tedious job of redecorating. With her arms overloaded with goodies, practically all of which were red and black, she completed the process of turning the previously boring old storage room into the amazing space we have now.

In summary, less than 3 months after the initial announcement, our new studio is almost complete! Tom will be mounting a T.V. and DVD onto one of the walls for additional video training. Our classes are set to begin later this week and will include a variety of jewelry making techniques and the courses will last through the end of the summer.  What will we be learning? That’s a great question and all that Hilary said in her announcement was: “Get ready to hammer, torch & bead with the best of ’em!” I can’t wait! Maybe she’ll allow me to blog about our classes, too.


Halstead Studio Photo Album

Halstead Bead

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