Top 5 Artisan Jewelry Trends for Mother’s Day 2013

Ready for Mother's Day? If not, this may help to inspire you!

With Mother’s Day quickly approaching, we scoured the internet to see which trends were leading the pack this year.  We found some fabulous new trends and a surprisingly old trend that’s still hanging in there and  remaining quite strong! Here’s the rundown for 2013:

1. Sideways Cross Bracelets – The sideways cross is going strong. Stamp it, link it, love it. Complementary designs include the wire heart link bracelet and the infinity link bracelet. If you stack all three together you get faith + love forever!
Sideways Cross Bracelets - Items shown: SN264, SL1046, S1115 & various chain2. Riveting Jewelry – Hand stamping is taking a new turn with jewelry riveting as the technique builds momentum in the trade. Rivet together initial pendants and tiny rivet charms for a new twist on this ongoing trend. Explore wire riveting and snap rivets today to add mixed metal flair to your designs.
Riveted Jewelry - Items shown: XPJ21, XJ314, P40C, CB506 & SU2233. Owls & Foxes – The sweet little sparrow drove Mother’s Day sales for several years running but this year we’re seeing new fox designs enter the picture and owl motifs still going strong. Our new fox charm will be arriving in early April. Show mom she’s still got it with sly styles for the occasion.
Owls - Items shown: SH152, SD399 & SL493

4. Gemstones – More and more jewelry artisans are exploring gemstone settings. Birthstone charm clusters and stacking rings are a perennial hit this time of year. It may be time for you to experiment with new skills. Bezel setting calibrated stones in bezel cups is a great way to start. Then move on to custom bezels, snap-ins and prong settings as you build confidence with gems.

Bezel Settings - Items shown: SU2986, SRZ14107 & S5146
5. Lucky Charms – Good luck charms are particularly popular in 2013. Traditional symbols of good fortune are all moving well: Wishbones, horseshoes, clovers and tusks. All are perfect on long necklaces or charm clusters.

Lucky Charms - Items shown: SN2786, SN330 & SC213

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