Halstead Top 5 Finalist: Jamison Rae Jewelry

Jamison Rae Jewelry Collection: beautiful, unique jewelry at an affordable price!

It started in 2006 for Jamison Rae, she had received her BA in Sociology but found she wanted more out of life, so she packed up and headed to San Francisco, CA where she took courses at the Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts.

Carnival Necklace: tourmaline, quartz, sterling silver

“The first time I held that torch and watched a tiny piece of solder flow…it was LOVE. I have since been learning and practicing, practicing and learning, and am finally getting to do what I love for a living.”

Time and Again Bracelet: tourmaline stones, gold filled

After learning her new found skills, Jamison relocated to Boise, ID where she set up shop to create her jewelry. She uses semi-precious stones in many of her pieces and works with sterling silver, gold filled as well as mixed metals. Currently  you can find Jamison touring the western states, and her pieces can be bought at fine galleries in Idaho and Wyoming and on her website with prices ranging from $24 – $80.

Wanderlust Earrings: labradorite oval stone, sterling silver

Halstead awards a business grant to a new jewelry designer in the bridge segment each summer. The grant awards $6,000 in start-up capital and merchandise to a new design company. If you are starting a new jewelry design business, please check out the 2013 jewelry grant application and eligibility details.

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