Handmade Jewelry Trends for Holiday 2012

Check out our Holiday 2012 trend forecast for handmade jewelry gifts. The recovery is in full swing so be sure to have these strong sellers in your winter collection.

Holiday buying is in full swing as designers put the finishing touches on collections to ship out in October. Be sure to include some of these hot sellers for this year.

Pendant Necklaces – This is the entry price point gift for the season. Simple pendant neck chains are selling well in all lengths. Focal pendants range from large funky stones to sweet miniature charms. Layering is key as buyers look for necklaces of different lengths to round out their accessory wardrobe.

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Go long – This year’s long boho necklaces have morphed into shoulder duster earrings and chandeliers. Jewelry is going bigger and longer once again. Don’t be afraid to flaunt those dangles.

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Bring Back the Bling – The recession may not be over but everyone is officially tired of it. The simple studs and understated style dominating the last few years are decidedly over. Adornments are now more jewel-encrusted, ornate and baroque. Pile it on.

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Hail the Cab – Er, cabochon, that is. Bezel set cabs are the stone style du jour as rounded gems in all sizes and colors add graceful curves to 2012 collections.

Flashy Finishes– Antique patinas and rustic metals are making way for highly polished mirror brights. Watch out, these high sheen metallic collars, cuffs and earrings can catch the light and blind you in your rear-view mirror, adding a whole new meaning to “traffic stopping jewelry.”

Hand Stamped Jewelry – The metal stamping trend still has legs this holiday season. Custom mother’s charms and commemorative pieces are sure fire winners in the heartfelt gift category.


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