Wraptillion: Aerospace Industrial Jewelry at its Finest!

How can you combine industrial aerospace hardware and chainmaille techniques? See what one of last year's Halstead Grant finalists creates with this fascinating combination. Meet the talented Kelly Jones of Wraptillion.


2011 Copper Finalist Kelly Jones of Wraptillion has found a marvelous way to combine industrial aerospace hardware into wearable jewelry designs. She has created a jewelry line from re-purposed specialized hardware designed for steering assemblies and transmission housings, which she joins together using her favorite chainmaille techniques. The collection includes unforgettable titles such as: Alternating C-Ring Carbon Steel and Bronze Earrings, Asymmetrical Brass Stacked Washer Earrings, Overlapping Macroscopic Earrings and of course you can’t forget, the C=CXC Earrings. Don’t let these mechanical names fool you, her designs work in a beautifully feminine way.

Jones comes from a family of artists and engineers but she has always considered herself the “non-artistic one.” She attended the University of Washington and earned her Masters in Library and Information Science. Writing was her love, and to keep her hands busy while she pondered her stories, she picked up some of her old hardware jewelry that she had saved from her college days and began to create new pieces. Side note:  if you love reading and you delve into Kelly’s Etsy shop or wraptillion’s laboratory to see  her work, it is an additional bonus to be able to read her creative short stories she has laced throughout her websites.

Kelly’s favorite materials are metals such as stainless steel and titanium. Prices on her Etsy site range from $30 – $155.  She will be featured in an upcoming book titled “30-Minute Bracelets: 60 Quick & Creative Projects for Jewelers” by Marthe Le Van scheduled for publication on June 5, 2012. Her jewelry can be found in fine galleries and museum shops across the Northern United States and are available for wholesale buyers online at Vianza.com.

Halstead Bead, Inc invites new silver jewelry designers to enter its 7th annual grant competition for artisans in the industry. The winner of the 2012 business development grant will receive a prize package including $6,000 in cash and merchandise.  Complete eligibility requirements and the submission checklist are on The Halstead Grant Application PDF.  Applications may be submitted between now and June 9, 2012.

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