RockLove: Breaking All the Rules

RockLove was a 2009 finalist in our Jewelry Design Business Development Grant. Learn more about this unique jewelry artist and collection.

Everything about RockLove designer Allison Hourcade screams “ENERGY!” with a capital “E.” Her line is a frenetic compilation of original works and collaborations with edgy appeal. RockLove designer jewelry is casual and accessible with an emphasis on layered looks and iconic symbols. RockLove Siouxsie5

I’ll admit it, when I first read about RockLove and her extensive product placement I had to go to the internet a dozen times to look things up. I never thought I would feel so old already! Skinny Puppy, Repo The Genetic Opera, Keana Teixera….who are these people? …Kat Von D, September Mourning, The Creep Show…Miley Cyrus, Fran Drescher, whew, at least I know a couple….the list goes on and on and on. Plus, she throws around words like “steampunk” and “emo.” Huh? This girl moves and shakes in circles I have never even heard of and customers order her designs so fast that she sells out of limited editions as fast as she releases them. RockLove Posy_1

After I came to grips with the fact that I am not nearly so hip and trendy as I once believed, I learned that all these minor and major celebrities are part of underground music and counter culture scenes with huge followings around the country. Not every jewelry designer dreams of being in Vogue after all. RockLove is rockin’ all over glossies like Bust, VenusZine, Fangoria, Gothic Beauty and Rebel Rodz. Instead of traditional trade shows like JCK and New York Gift she made a killing at Ink-N-Iron and the Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly weekend.RockLove Palimpsest1

About the Designer

Hourcade is a talented wax carver and caster with a penchant for adapting time-honored motifs into modern interpretations. Bands frequently contract her to design the official jewelry for their tours. Her work is undoubtedly trendy but grounded in traditions that have widespread appeal. Perhaps for that reason RockLove’s fashion jewelry success can be attributed to the brand’s ability to transcend individual niches and appeal to a cross-section of sub-culture scenes. Fashion cohorts as varied as Punk, Victorian, Rock, Goth, Rockabilly and Steampunk equally adore her jewelry designs.RockLove Lara

Together, these groups form a substantial following of jewelry consumers loyal to RockLove. Hourcade’s blend of prolific collaborations and rock style is a winning combination. She has a completely original way of operating that breaks with every business and jewelry industry convention I know; but, some things are meant to be broken.

In conclusion, as Hourcade would say, I will sign off with rock and love. Keep rockin’ Allison, we know to expect great things from you…. I would attempt a fist bump here, but I just might hurt myself.

RockLove was a 2009 finalist in our Jewelry Design Business Development Grant competition. All photos by Square Press.

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