Loretta Lam

The first time I saw Loretta Lam’s work I was at the Buyers Market in Philadelphia last winter. In a show full of gorgeous jewelry, Loretta Lam still made quite an impression. In my opinion she is one of the very best polymer clay artists in the jewelry industry today.Lam Vanilla Bean

Lam sculpts polymer clay into incredible statement pieces.  She has an eye for sculptural design and a rare gift for color. She combines lovely palettes of complimentary hues to create high impact works of art. Her beads and pendants evoke themes from nature like the shapely curves of seed pods and fruit bursting with flavor. Her forms and colors are so rich that you expect fragrances to be emanating from her design interpretations of aromatic spices and luscious botanical delicacies.

Lam Come Dancin'

Loretta Lam’s work is a refreshing departure from many of the traditional themes and materials that are popular amongst her art jewelry contemporaries.  Every polymer piece is handmade and unique. These are certainly creations worthy of collecting. Look for her work on her website at www.LorettaLam.com and at fine galleries across the country.

Lam At the Spice Bazaar

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