Pricing Strategy Tips for Jewelry Business Profitability

Check out this guest article from Michael David Sturlin inspired by his experience as a Halstead Grant guest juror this year. Learn new ways to think about pricing your work strategically instead of just blindly applying a formula that may undermine the finances of your business.

How to Manage Your Time Better Using 7 Simple Steps

How to Manage Your Time Better Using 7 Simple Steps

Being your own boss is amazing! But learning to manage your time so you don’t have to be constantly clocked in can be difficult. Tracy Matthews from Flourish & Thrive Academy gave us her 7 most helpful tips to manage your time effectively so your jewelry business runs smoothly.

How to Start a Jewelry Business the Right Way

Turn your love of jewelry making into a business! Tracy Matthews from Flourish & Thrive Academy and Thrive by Design provides a thorough checklist on how to make a successful jump from jewelry making as a hobby to jewelry making as a business.

Document Storytelling to Add Value to Your Jewelry Brand

Tell your story! Your jewelry tells a story about you and becomes a part of your client’s story. Providing clear and thorough documentation of the piece and the process can add value to your jewelry art. Learn all about provenance and how to add value with your jewelry’s story.

Selling Your Jewelry in Europe

Want to sell your jewelry in Europe? Read this primer from guest Nils Krueger. It’s full of tips on professional ways to approach galleries, how to manage shipping, a resource list and more.