Welcome to Our New Mobile-Friendly Website



We appreciate your patience with the new website transition and we are grateful for all the feedback messages we have received. Here are several site updates that have been completed already in response:

  1. Abbreviated item descriptions are now visible on browsing pages.
  2. New item and Clearance sections are accessible from the top menu bar.
  3. Add to Cart buttons have been reformatted to be less distracting.
  4. The site timeout length has been extended to several hours. Please log out any time you step away from shopping.

Here are some other useful features:

  1. Navigation options include a pull down menu above product results that allows you to increase the number of items you see per page.
  2. The menus on the left side of product results pages are filters that will help you narrow your results.
  3. Orders placed after June 27 will appear in your account history so you can quickly view and reorder items you have purchased in the past.

We appreciate your business and are listening to your comments, positive and otherwise. Site development will continue to roll out for months to come. Stay tuned for more updates and new features. As always, thank you for your business!


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