2015 Holiday Jewelry Trends

Read what's trending in the world of jewelry during the 2015 holiday season!

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It’s that time of the year again! The busiest jewelry selling season is about to kick-off. Here are our predictions for the top holiday jewelry trends this year.

2015 Holiday Jewelry Trends - Mind the Gap




1. Mind the Gap – Wide open spaces in jewelry are hot right now. Look for gaps in sterling finger rings and collars that emphasize negative space.



2015 Holiday Jewelry Trends - Colored Stones


2. Colorful Stones – Bright, shiny and sparkly is one of the favorite trends this year. Break out your jewelry tools and create the perfect necklace or bracelet using our cubic zirconia findings or set your own stones with our new open bezel link settings.



Business Tips Videos - Jewelry Box Cards


3. All Ears – Decorative ear jackets and climbers are taking earrings by storm. We’ll be talking a lot more about this trend in upcoming articles, but get ready to add it to your line because we’ll continue to see it grow through the holiday season.


2015 Holiday Jewelry Trends - Tassels & Fringe




4. Tassels & Fringe – Move and shake with popular tassels and fringes! They’re easy to make and people love them during the festive holiday season. Combine gold and silver chains or use pre-made tassels for a glamorous take on the Bohemian trend.




The Halstead team is committed to helping jewelry entrepreneurs grow your businesses with quality supplies and great service. Show us what you’re making and let us know how we can help. Hashtag #HalsteadMakers on your social media. Here’s to a great holiday season!



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