Halstead Jewelry Minute: Hole Punching Tools

In this episode, we’ll cover 4 sheet metal hole punching tools that you can use in your jewelry studio.

1. Hole Punching Pliers- These inexpensive hand tools punch holes from 1.25mm to 1.8mm which can be great for general projects. Check out item # X1333, X1335, X1336 online.

2. Screw Punches – Also another inexpensive hand tool that can punch two different hole sizes. These are great for riveting projects! Check out Item# X402 and XJ405 online.

3. Power Punch Tool – This hand tool is much larger and has 7 different hole size options. Check out item #X137 online.

4. Flex Shaft – This motorized tool has a variety of uses and is a versatile investment. Check out item #X150 and #XT231. We also have a variety of drill bits and attachments available.

Visit us at halsteadbead.com for all your tools and supplies.

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