Top 8 Jewelry Trends for the 2014 Holiday Season

The holidays are coming! Check out our predictions for eight top sellers in the jewelry line-up for 2014.

Sleek lines and geometrics are the overwhelming winners in the holiday line up. See our top style picks below for several takes on jewelry and accessories this year.

Stick Drops and Bar Links1. Stick drops and bar links – Call it a trapeze, column, bar, matchstick, line drop or rectangle. Whatever you name it, know it will sell! These long thin shapes are everywhere in 2014.

Chevrons and Triangles2. Chevrons and triangles – Add a centered angle to that stick concept and you have yourself a chevron line. Or suspend inverted triangles as links for an on-trend statement necklace. Keep it simple with the tri concept and let the shapes do the talking.

Wire bracelets3. Wire bracelets – Wire cuffs and bangles are dominating the bracelet trend, even with the ID plate and charm embellishments that traditionally adorn chain bracelets. The more structured shape of the wire varieties goes well with this season’s smooth lines.

Collars and Omegas4. Collars and omegas – That same geometric structure is gaining popularity in necklaces with firm collar and omega designs. These collarbone grazing circlets look smart with a single suspended charm or focal link.

Festoon Pendants5. Festoon pendants – The sideways cross that dominated sales several years ago has evolved into a more widespread trend of festoon jewelry links in all shapes and styles. The trapeze bar and infinity symbol continue to be strong sellers but watch for new frontrunners like keys, compasses, wings, hearts and nautical motifs.

Rose Gold-Filled6. Rose gold filled – Rose metal hues still have legs and continue to increase in sales each year. Time will tell if this is a temporary trend or a new staple. Add a splash of pink color to contrast with sterling silver mainstays or use a bold rose gold-filled palette for an entire design.

Moon and Stars7. Moons & Stars – Get celestial with heavenly design motifs. These designs work particularly well with some extra sparkle from small beads or pave work.

ID Bracelets8. ID bracelets – Stay traditional with names and monograms or get creative with dates, locations or inspirational phrases. ID bracelets are having a moment. Pile them on with other bracelets while the stacking trend is still popular.

Photo submission Contest

Enter your work to be featured in our 2014 Holiday Jewelry Trend video. If you have work that fits one of the eight trends featured above then you are eligible to enter. Multiple designers will be selected for participation.

Email us at with the following information by Monday, September 15th to be considered:

  1. Website address where we can view photos of your work.
  2. Your business name.
  3. Your mailing address.
  4. Email subject line should read: trend video entry.
  5. Copy and paste the following text into your email submission: I hereby grant Halstead permission to include photos of my work in their 2014 holiday trend video. All works are original designs by me.

With over 2000+ views on our 2013 holiday trend video, you’ll love this next section! The selected designers will have a photo(s) of their designs included in our trend video along with their business name. The end of the video will include a list of websites where work can be viewed or purchased.

We look forward to reviewing your submissions. Good luck!


Update! Here is the finished 2014 Holiday Jewelry Trend Evideo. Thank you for all of the submissions!

Trend Evideo - Holiday Artisan Trends for 2014

Click on the image above to check out the brand new video!


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  • Love the new trends for the Holidays! Winning the dap set would help me add new texture and shapes to my jewelry designs. I’ve been wanting a nice set.

  • I have to say I think I’m more drawn to the Chevrons and triangles this season. Seems a bit out of character for me but I’m always up for a little change in designs. I would LOVE to have a dapping set. I’m just starting to make a few designs with vintage coins. This new set would come in quite handy for the holiday season. 🙂 Thanks so much for the opportunity!

  • Wow, great trends for this year! I really love the moon and stars trend! This is something I will try when making some new creations. I would LOVE to win the new set as I could make some beautiful new creations this year! Thank you for the opportunity :).

  • I cannot say that I have a favorite because of all the different trending styles. They all make your creativity juices run crazy!!!! I would love to have this set as I am on a path to discover new things and this set along with all the other items in your catalog have got me excited!!! Thank you!!!

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