Jewelry Trends at the 2013 Oscars

The Hollywood red carpet did not disappoint last night. There were a number of hot trends and plenty of old tinsel town glam to satisfy the fashion police. Here are our predictions on how the Oscars will influence jewelry design this year.

Drop Earrings

Teardrop statement earrings are building steam as the top jewelry accessory this year. Notable large drops appeared on several stars including Halle Berry, Zoe Saldana, Kelly Rowland and Amy Adams. Jennifer Hudson rocked a particularly striking pair of Sutra earrings. This trend is already widespread in the marketplace with teardrop shaped link dangles, puff tears and bezeled teardrop stones.

POPSUGAR - Jennifer Hudson 2013 Oscars
POPSUGAR - Jennifer Hudson 2013 Oscars

Bringing Sexy Back

Anne Hathaway and Jennifer Lawrence were the evening’s two belles of the ball and both chose backwards necklaces. Anne Hathaway wore a diamond choker with a tantalizing dangle between her shoulder blades. Jennifer Lawrence chose a plunging delicate chain.  Both looks had everyone talking. This trend can also be interpreted with back tassels or simple chain extenders.

The hair-dos were tame but the dresses were a frenzy of textures and effects this year. Rivets, appliques, lace, tulle, sequins and metallics brought plenty of va-va-voom to the event. Simple monotone colors or metallics were the norm but designers added interest with a variety of embellished textiles. This trend has been going stron for several years in the jewelry world with an emphasis on unique finishes and texturized touches. Layer contrasting effects for the most striking results.

Pastels & Navy

The top color standout at the Oscars was midnight or navy blue. The classic hue is flattering and elegant. The prevalence of navy is likely to further drive sales of Lapis, sapphire and other blue gems. Feminine pastels were also popular. Pale palettes pair best with perennial crystal and diamond baubles.


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