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What better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day than with a giveaway full of goodies that match the occasion! We’ve put together a package full of pewter toggles and keys plus Swarovski Elements hearts and crystals. What is your favorite Valentine’s Day story?  What special gift did you give or receive on this special day? We’re rolling quickly on this one, so be sure to post your answer on our blog by February 7th to be eligible to win this giveaway.


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Halstead Bead: Valentine's Day Giveaway!

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B15CRM 2 15mm Crystal Red Magma Mesh Ball
B4721XLR 50 5.5mm Crystal Light Rose Rondells
B50006CRM 30 6mm Crystal Red Magma Rounds
B53284AB 200 4mm Crystal AB Bicones
B53286CRM 50 6mm crystal Red Magma Bicones
B53286LRAB 30 6mm Light Rose AB Bicones
B53286RW 30 6mm Rose Water Bicones
B612812ROS 10 12mm Rosaline Heart
B624017ROS 2 17mm Rosaline Crystal Heart
B624027ROS 1 27mm Rosaline Heart
B6240ROS 4 12mm Rosaline Crystal Heart
B6260AB 2 17mm Crystal AB Heart
B6260CRM 2 17mm Crystal Red Magma Heart
B6264AP 2 18mm Astral Pink Heart
P2335S 7 Heart Charms
P2339S 10 Keys
P2343S 2 Heart Frame
P3144S 10 Heart Lock
P408SA 100 Beaded Heishe
P6170S 2 Heart and Key Toggle

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  • My husband is very cynical about Valentine’s Day, you’ve heard it all before, it’s a manufactured holiday, it doesn’t really mean anything. He knows it matters to me and never lets it pass without saying Happy Valentine’s Day. We try to say I love you often always, but on Valentine’s Day, we are both especially thoughtful. Last year he absolutely shocked me, he was out of work, but budgeted carefully in order to buy me a bottle of my favorite perfume. It was unexpected, and he told me that he loved me always. 17 years together, and he still takes my breath away with his kindness and moments of unexpected romance. Even on a day for romance.

  • I love Valentines Day. I love to get little gifts for my grandchildren. I even get small gifts for my adult children. I get so much joy.

  • A few years ago I wanted to give my husband, who was my fiance at the time, something special for Valentine’s Day, but I didn’t have a lot of money. So instead of buying a gift I created my own. I bought plastic eggs & some candy, cut hearts out of colored paper and wrote sayings & made coupons, and then stuck the paper hearts and candy in the plastic eggs. After I had all the eggs filled, I hid them around the apartment we were living in at the time. When he came home I told him I had a very special surprises for him, but he had to look around the house. He loved my Valentine’s Day egg hunt 🙂

  • My favorite Valentine gift was a song. Instead of spending any money, we decided to pick a song that reminded us of each other and on Valentines day we played our songs for each other

  • Feb.14,2004,Naples,FL – After waiting 2.5 hrs. for our reserved table, my husband and I politely asked the maitre’d for the owner. We had been patiently waiting, having drinks at the bar, and saw many people after us get their tables. We knew the owner, a fine British gentlemen. We explained the situation. He got us one of the tables for two,near the romantic fireplace! It was a beautiful evening! Patience IS a virtue! 🙂 LOVE and be loved!

  • All my Valentine Day’s with my husband are special he makes them that way by the wonderful things he does both big and small, but my one favorite one is our first Valentine’s Day, my favorite color is purple and he suprized me with a dozen lavender colored roses. We had only been dating for 5 months at that time. We have been married for 20 years and together for 23 years.

  • I actually celebrate Single Awareness Day instead of Valentine’s Day, since I am — surprise surprise — single! I remember one year when I had to go out to do errands, after I had paid the cashier, she told me “Happy Valentine’s Day!” I replied with “Thank you. Happy Single Awareness Day!” She looked confused and asked me what Single Awareness Day was. I told her that it’s like Valentine’s Day, except it celebrates single people and we get to eat half-price chocolate the day after. She laughed so hard, and then I realized the people who had been behind me in line had heard me, too, because they were laughing as well. One of them even told me, “Well, now I know what I’m celebrating from now on!”

  • This is an easy one: My favorite Valentine’s Day is the year my husband proposed. And he knew well enough NOT to surprise me with a ring, I’m very particular about my own jewelry of course so we had a fun few weeks after than shopping around!

  • My valentine story is the time my husband forgot. He ran out the morning of valentines to the gas station and bought me a white chocolate rose and a giant peanuts snoopy card. I opened the card and it was a giant coloring book for kids and I really dislike white chocolate . After that year he never forgot again.

  • The symbol of the heart shape is a universal symbol of love, friendship, and special bonds between family, friends, and ‘special someones’….at least that is how I feel about it. I love working with Swarovski and hearts are one of my favorite shapes to create with and give away. You have assembled a beautiful collection for your give-away and the winners will be receiving an amazing prize package. 🙂

  • my fav valentines day story is my grandfather was born on valentines day and when he was alive we used to do the funnest things together. one year I was really down and out over not having a valentine so he send a dozen long stem roses and a huge teddy bear with chocolates to my work to cheer me up. we had valentines day dinner afterwards and it was just great spending that time with him

  • My favorite Valentine’s story is about my parents, and if happened before I was born. My mother had to work on a Saturday, a very rare event, but she wanted to paint the kitchen. The walls were white, but she had chosen a pleasant blue–not dark, but darker than white. She asked my dad to paint the kitchen while she was gone, figuring it was a no-brainer. When she returned that evening, Dad and my oldest brother were sitting in the kitchen watching basketball on our only television, and the only painting that had been done was a gigantic heart with “Ross Loves Wendy” in it, complete with arrows and flying bluebirds of happiness. He had painted it so heavily that the outline was visible through subsequent coats of paint for years after. Despite the sentiment, Mom was not happy, and had her revenge on Father’s Day by painting Tinkerbelle fairies in the bathroom.

  • I guess the best Valentine’s gift is a surprise gift the can be made when there is not much money. I took photographs of my husband’s artwork and made it into a slide show and added music. My husband was really surprised.

  • My favorite Valentine’s Day remembrance was when my son was just shy of 2 yrs old (23 now) and his dad, my late husband who passed 20 yrs ago). My husband used my son to give me my gift. He had purchased me a gold ring shaped in a heart with the Queen Nefertiti on it. He tied the ring to the back of my son’s bib and asked me to hold him while he put his shoes on. To my surprise, wondering what was wrong with his bub, I felt the ring! Naturally I burst into tears. It was so long ago, although it is my favorite.

  • We’ve been married since 1975 and one year were just so tired of how long the wait was at restaurants. Since hubby couldn’t take off from work early, dinner was going to hit dead in the middle of the busiest dining hour. Instead i decided to decorate the dining room, using flowers from my garden and his grandmother’s pink depression glass dishes. Candlelight accompanied our meal. I slowly served each course so we could linger, kiss and hold hands. I don’t remember the exact menu but how special the time spent together makes it my favorite Valentine’s. thanks for this contest. I now think i know what we will be doing this Valentina’s day……

  • For twenty years my husband and I ran a demanding construction business that often required us to be apart more than we would like. He called me at about 8:00 PM one Valentine’s Day and I told him that I only needed to check the post office box and then I would be home. I locked the truck and went into the dark post office. When I returned only a minute later the driver’s seat was filled with a big beautiful arrangement of red roses! I gasped and laughed! My Valentine was hiding in the shadows so that he could enjoy my reaction. Hugs, kisses and lots of laughter.

  • The first Valentines Day with my husband he had a dozen red roses sent to where I worked. Everyone was wondering who they ere for…. me, hey were for me! I was blessed with a giving man then and still am!

  • My husband and I ran a cattle ranch for many years. So one Valentine’s I received a large box and on it was written:
    Roses are red,
    Violets are blue,
    Here’s Roses and
    New boots for you.
    Yep, a new pair of cowboy boots and a dozen red roses – he’s a pretty great guy.

  • My only valentines story is from years ago, high school. The guy I had a major crush on dropped off balloons, flowers, a stuffed animal & a card to my house. He was brave enough to go to the door & give the items to my father who everyone called the general 🙂
    Unfortunately that is my one & only valentines story 🙁

  • My husband had a beautiful arrangement sent to my work, this was a big surprise because he usually forgets about these holidays. 😆

  • On our first Valentines we were not able to celebrate together. On his way to work he stopped by with a single rose. I was a bit disappointed until I read the card. ” One rose for our first Valentines… I hope the bouquet will grow in time to be dozens of roses…….”

  • Ever since we have had our three kids, my husband still makes sure that we celebrate what our love means to each other. He always picks out a special card and gets me a bag of peanut m&m’s (my favorite). Then he asks the kids to pick out a restaurant where we can all go to eat. What is great is that the kids always seem to know what kind of food we are in the mood for. Love sharing the holiday with my family.

  • Many years ago my husband and 7 yr old daughter were in town on Valentines Day. We lived on a farm 40 miles out of town so going to town with Dad was a real treat. When they came home she ran up to me and said ” mom!! we almost bought you a card! but the line was too long and we had to put it back”. My husband sheeplishly grinned and they both gave me big hugs for Valentines Day before eating the cupcakes the rest of us made while they were shopping!! 😆

  • Every Valentines Day my father would buy his two daughters, granddaughter, wife and my roommate a big heart shaped box of candy. My mother saved every box he gave her. They have both passed on and when we found all the boxes it made us cry.

  • My late boyfriend was another who didn’t believe in Valentines day. He refused to acknowledge it in way…no cards, not even a “Happy Valentines Day”. Then suddenly in 2011, the 3rd year we were together, he shocked me….he took me out to dinner, wished me a Happy Valentines Day…reminded me that he loved me. 5 months later he was killed in a car accident. No matter what happens now, I have that wonderful (and a little bittersweet) memory of Valentine’s Day to carry me through.

  • 3 years ago I was diagnosed with Stage IV inoperable cancer and given 12 months to live. So isn’t this the best Valentine Day yet – the one I thought I would never live to see!? I tell all my beading friends that beading saved my life. LOL. But it did!

  • My fondest Valentine’s Day memory is that my childern, ages 4 and 14 made me breakfast and served me in bed. I had cold toast that the butter didn’t melt on, rice crispies that had milk on them for probably 1/2 hour before they we served, a glass of OJ and the strongest coffee I have ever experienced. They awoke me with the tray and their precious smiles saying “We Love You Mommy”. They sat at the end of my bed while I ate every bit and told them how thoughtful and delicious it was. Bless their hearts!

  • My favorite valentines day celebrations are when we’ve done simple things….set a table with roses and candlelight and fixed our favorite appetizers. We’ve even included the kids when they were little and prepared a candlelight meal for them!

  • I worked as an EMT (nights) my husband works days when I get home he’s gone most days. The only ones to greet me are our three dogs (2 Aussies and an Aussie Lab mix) and this Valentine’s Day was no difference except for the fact that all three of them were wearing flowers in their collars and flashing hearts around their necks…There were card from each of the dogs, and a very sweet card from my husband, who after 23 years still makes my heart skip a beat. 😳 😳

  • My husband and I were married in 1993. He was in the Marine Corps and between duty stations so we were married by a justice of the peace. He promised me that someday we would have a church wedding and lo and behold 15 years later in 2009 he made good on his promise when we renewed our vows on Valentine’s day. We had a beautiful church wedding complete with white dress and a lovely reception with our family and friends. It will always be my favorite Valentine’s day memory.

  • The first Valentine’s Day after I was married, my husband was in Vietnam… I was young (18) and really bummed out that we couldn’t be together. I wasn’t expecting anything (except maybe a card) and somehow he managed to get a dozen long-stemmed roses delivered.

  • Mine is…My daughter was born and Feb. 11th she was very sick when she was born, The doctors let me take her home on Valentine’s Day. I didn’t know at the time but when I returned to the doctor a week later and they tested her blood and could find so signs of the illness that she had. I told the doctor that god had preformed a miracle on her. I had taken to our local hospital becomes her color had changed from orange to very pale white and her breathing had slowed down. She went to sleep in my arms and then she turned the prettiest shade of pale pink. Her doctor at the Navy base then told me, When you took her home I didn’t know if she would live but I am telling you know she has perfect blood and if I hadn’t taken this sample to the lab myself and watched while they tested it, I would have sworn they gor it mixed up. This Monday she will be 36 years old and she is still the Joy of my life and every Valentines I celebrate her life because it was my miracle day, Thank you

  • Feb 13, 2000…. 10:30 pm… LABOR PAINS begin.. wonderful… theres a snow/freezing rain storm going on… i have 2 kids in bed, and im afraid of my husband driving in this mess and getting stuck on the way to the hospital… around 11:15 we made the decision.. Ambulance it is!! 3 women come into the house, 1 in her late 60’s, 1 very over weight and hardly walking without loosing her breath, and the other looks like she is still in highschool… and to think i was afraid to drive with my husband… lol BREATH!!! it will be fine… we finally made it to the hospital,(husband drove the 9 & 10 yo behind the ambulance) and my Dr. is in delivery with another new mom… and he happens to be the only Dr in at that time of night… 12:10am comes around, my water breaks… and here comes Alyssa Leigh… not waiting for the Dr, so the Nurse delivers her about 5 mins later… the BEST VALENTINES Day EVER!! her 13th birthday is right around the corner!!! <3

  • About 4 yrs ago my husband and I were having some issues in our marriage (we’ve been almost 34 yrs now)and for Valentines he cooked a meal, bought some wine, and had candlelight all lite when I got home. Before he eating he got down on his knees and washed my feet (as did the sinful woman that washed Jesus’ feet with perfume). It may sound odd to some, but to me it was turning point in our marriage! Very touching for him to do something like this, and it’s something that I will always treasure.

  • My story is, three years ago i met the man of my dreams. We met on Valentines Day..been in love since the moment we said hi to each other. We are getting married 2-15-14.

  • About 2 years ago I went to the doctor and found out my cancer was in remission, after leaving the doctors office my stay at home kind of husband took me to dinner, was my best Valentine ever.

  • I know red roses are traditional and we generally never do much for valentine’s day. We just celebrated our 43rd anniversary, so despite overlooking such things we’ve got a good thing.
    But about 24 years ago, I was working 16 hours away, trying to sell my business and totally overwhelmed. Right of the work day a big valentine’s bouquet of daffodils (my favorite) arrived at my desk. My wonderful husband had arranged for them to be delivered at my break. Those sunny blossoms had some magic because the rest of the year was spectacular.

  • The best Valentine’s gift I ever got was seven years ago, when my partner said “yes” to marrying me…so the gift was getting engaged to my soulmate. 😳 😀

  • After 42 years of marriage, the one Valentine’s Day that stands out among them all is the time I got a love letter tucked inside a box of chocolates from my husband instead of a card. This was the most memorable and meaningful because I know the words were straight from his heart.

  • There is nothing better than being in love on Valentine’s Day. Years ago I had been dating this guy for a couple of months. I was totally in love with him. So for our special day he took me out to a nice dinner and later we went to his house where he had a beautiful vase of pink roses waiting for me. I had never gotten flowers before and I was thrilled. I felt so special. I couldn’t imagine it getting any better than that. So I was surprised when he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. Of course I said yes! That was 14 years ago. Still our special day!

  • In 2009 I had been dating Dave Elmore for just over 3 years. He was 25 years older than me, married twice previously and the epitome of debonair.

    We had discussed marriage but he had told more than once, “I love you dearly, but I will never marry again.”

    Sometime in August of 2008 he had made comment, “Third times a charm.” We had met in August of 2005.

    As we ate dinner one night with his older sister and her husband, he suddenly looked up and calmly, said, “Let’s get married Saturday.” As it sank in he had actually proposed and I stopped myself from choking, I said “That’s in three days.”

    Dave just said, “Yes.”

    I said, “I really love you and want to marry you, but Saturday?”

    Dave, “What’s wrong with Saturday?”

    Me, “Well, my children spread out all over Tennessee and my Mother and Brother are in South Carolina.”

    Dave, “They all love you and they will be here if they can.”

    Me, “Why Saturday?”

    Dave, “It’s Valentine’s.”

    Me, “Yes, I will marry you this Saturday, Valentine’s Day.”

    We had a nice “cowboy & Indian” wedding in his sister’s backyard, with him in his black cowboy hat, a new hat pair of cowboy boots that were brown with flames! And me in full Native American Regalia!

    A dear friend of mine who is Native and ordained, performed the ceremony. My 2 oldest daughters and their children were there as were his daughter, two sisters and their husbands.

    He passed away from liver failure 19 January 2012, 27 days before our 3rd Wedding Anniversary.

    Thank you, my Dear, for not telling me, but SHOWING me how a real marriage should be, for showing me how much you loved me, for being My Warrior.

  • Valentine’s Day, Feb. 14, is special for me because it’s my four-legged daughter’s (a lab/shepard/?? mix) birthday. She’ll be 15 tomorrow and I treasure the time we have left.


  • 😀 I’d have to say our best Valentine’s Day happened way back in the ’80s. My husband worked for a large freight company who was carrying a large shipment of roses. Due to weather the plane had not arrived to deliver the roses to the large distributor and the shipment was refused. The company allowed all of the employees to take as many dozens they could hold. I made hubby go back for more. I ran to get tissue and divided the roses into dozens and delivered them to every family member and friend in the immediate area. I too had a dozen in each room of our small apartment. It was wonderful to wake up everyday for a solid week with the fragrence of romance wafting thoughout our home. Who wouldn’t enjoy that?!?

  • this valentines day is a special affair. but only for a love of my life reason. my grandson. he was bore on new years day and the best part of my home was taken up by a 10lb. 11oz …giraffein the room.with love and kindness he came into the lives of my daughter and me. she is mentally challenged , with many medical issues. he was well and healthy. then he fell ill along with his mother. he started loosing weight with a small fever. we did everything. on valentines day 1996 we had to enter the emergency room of a local hospital. …..this lil boy was in bad shape. i would not let him go. then around noon i went into the nursery to see what they were doing. he had lost so much weight that he almost let us. he still was’nt eating. i saw a freshly made bottle of formula made for the other babies there, and took one , popped one in his mouth and he drank like a sailor !! he was hungry.come to find out …his mama’s milk was bad tasting and he would’nt eat. her medications had made her sour. all those doctors, and medical personal…could not do what a g-ma knew by heart. just go with your instincs everytime. love that man ever since. wow…what a journey it’s been. he’s 17 and very healthy!!! that’s valentine’s day for the love of my life !! lol 😀

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