Our first giveaway!

Our first giveaway! Three lucky winners will receive the Let it Snow Jewelry Supply Collection. Wholesale value $130. Comment on the blog to enter!

The 3 “Let it Snow” winners have been chosen! They are:

1. S. Miller

2. J. Thomas

3. N. Lessard

Stay tuned our next giveaway will be in December!

Cold wind, icicles, snowflakes and glistening pine branches. Ahhhh the first snow is falling around the country. I find this time of year incredibly inspiring. Ski season is right around the corner and everything is covered in glitter, what could be better than that! In celebration of the first snowfalls we are offering special assortments of icy beads and findings for three lucky jewelry designers. To win please see the details below and tell us what inspires you this time of year.


Let it Snow Jewelry Supply Collection

Three Winners will be selected!
Includes one book and 260 beads & findings in icy tones
Wholesale value approx. $130.00

Let it Snow Giveaway! Halstead Bead wholesale jewelry supplies

  • To enter you must comment on the giveaway blog with what inspires you this time of year. Use a valid email address so we can contact you if you win. One comment per person please.
  • Facebook comments are not entries, you must comment on the blog page.
  • United States shipping destinations only.
  • Three winners will be selected from blog comment entries on Monday, November 12th at 9am MST
  • Share with your friends so they can enter to win too!
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110SP18 1 18″ Silver Plated Belcher Necklace
B15AB 1 15mm Swarovski Mesh Ball
B4721XBD 50 5.5mm Rhinestone Plastic Rondells
B601215SS 2 14mm Swarovski Silver Shade Drops
B6260AB 1 17mm Swarovski Heart Pendant
B1122AB 30 12mm Swarovski Rivolis
B53288BD 10 8mm Swarovski Blk Diamond Beads
B64286 100 6mm Swarovski Rivoli Beads
P2344S 10 12x34mm Pewter Key Pendants
P3119S 30 Pewter Rivoli Links
B72AB 2 24mm Swarovski Crystal AB Rocks
KS223 1 Inspiration Book: Endless Sparkle
P2370SA 2 20mm Sm Pewter Snowflakes
P2371SA 1 25mm Lg Pewter Snowflake
P3140BK 20 16mm Black Pewter Quatrefoil Links

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  • Today we are being treated to our first snowfall. The soft white flakes gently drifting down have blanketed the world in a cashmere gray hush. I love the stark beauty of this time of year despite the fact that I hate dealing with the weather. But through the glass it is a pretty sight! 😉
    Thank you for the chance to win these lovely pieces! I am especially smitten with those quatrefoil links. Enjoy the day. Erin

  • I am hearing about snow so early this year. I find myself wanting to get out my snowman collection, even though I usually wait until much closer to Christmas. We almost never have Christmas snow in our area, but this great collection would help me feel like the holidays were arriving already. This is a great opportunity, and I thank you. 🙂

  • All of the holiday spirit is so inspirational this time of year! Along with the snow & cold weather. 🙂 Thanks for the chance to win these beautiful prizes!

  • I see so many beautiful things being made for Christmas gifts in this collection. I could make so many people happy with some new gorgeous jewelry. Love the chance to win such a beautiful selection! Thank you for the opportunity!

  • I live in Arizona and we don’t see any changes in our seasons so I love working with my craft to bring the feeling of the changes if seasons. It is also my stress reliever and I feel so proud when I finish something new. :). Thanks for the opportunity to win such a beautiful collection. -Angel

  • I live in NC so no snow here but def. frigid temps…I miss the snowfall as I’m originally from NY but I do not miss driving in that mess and thankful that I don’t have to. Lol!

    I would love a chance to win these beautiful beads. Thank you so much for a chance to win. Have a great day! Suzette

  • I love snowflakes. A few years ago, I started beading and discovered some wonderful patterns to make snowflake ornaments using seed beads. I’ve now designed some of my own patterns for ornments, as well as earrings, necklaces and bracelets. I hate to shovel those flakes off my sidewalk but I love to see them sparkle on my tree and in my windows! I love the collection of pieces you put up as a prize! What fun I could have with it. Thanks for this opportunity! Paula

  • Wow! There are so many things that inspire me this time of year… the rich colors of fall, the crackling of a fire on a cold night, the deep burgandy of a glass of merlot, frost glistening in the early morning sun, the magic stillness of falling snow, and the hustle and bustle, cheer and excitement of the upcoming holidays.

  • By this time of year, I’m looking forward to the holidays. Christmas is my all time favorite holiday, because of the variety of colors you see…it’s not just red/green, but the multicolors of lights. Thank you for the opportunity to win this collection, I can already see what I could do with it. 😀

  • This Thanksgiving and Christmas is going to be especially hard with my husband deployed to Afghanistan. I love to create new and exciting pieces and Swarovski elements really make my pieces sparkle! I’d love to create a piece sort of like icicles as they’ve 1st frozen on the edge of the eaves. This selection would be perfect to put that image in my mind together into something special. :mrgreen:

  • I am mostly inspired by what I see around me, nature in all it glory. But other thing inspire me too. A particular song, a memory from the past… But what has really been inspiring me lately are the magazines that feature Christmas decorations. Especially all the beautiful ornaments! Have you see the Frontgate catalog? Gorgeous!

    Thanks for the opportunity to win these great pieces. I am already picturing what I can do with them!

  • I enjoy seeing the last leaves falling off the maple trees and the first icy frosts of late fall. This also inspires happiness knowing that my family will soon be gathering together and creating lasting memories.

  • I love Christmas time …there is inspiration everywhere, I stsrt woth the freah snow that sparkles like diamonds, then you just look around & you will find colors and textures everywhere, I especially love angels & findong new ways to make them,places to use them….thank you for this giveaway…am keeping fingers crossed,( btw makes it hard to do jewelry) hahaha

  • Since we live in the desert of Arizona…I depend on all these online sites to inspire me in the winter. So this prize would absolutely do the job!!

  • This holiday season will be hard; I lost my husband last January. I have alway made jewelry to give as presents and I will do so again this year. Happy holidays to all..and thanks for the chance to win

  • Oh wow, super pretty. Of course way up here in the frozen north (Canada) we know about snow! These would make the particularly frigid winter days pass more warmly. Thank you for the opportunity! 😀

  • I have 5 grandsons who are my inspiration, also my children, nieces, and nephews, but my main inspiration is God. At this time of year he is the best to inspire anything.

  • With the deep rich colors of fall and the pristine sparkle of winter, my inspiration comes from nature. Deep russets, reds and golds evoke memories of childhood fall festivities and ice blue, crystal and snowy white bring to mind cold winter days and clear winter nights.
    Thank you for the opportunity to share and win! Have a blessed day!

  • These are lovely items and really make me think of winter’s beauty. It’s been a long fall this year (no freezing yet) so the only time I can catch a glimpse of winter is when I leave at 5am for work and see the stars like diamonds in the sky. Two things that inspire me are #1 the four season and #2 how a particular day looks. Thanks for gifting and making it possible that there will be three winners.

  • The changing colors of the trees; the changing of the temperture from extremely hot to cold. I love all the colors coming out for the different holidays approaching. Thank you for this opportunity, the package has some beautiful items. 😀

  • I don’t have any one time to be inspired to make jewelry. I love the fall colors, Christmas sparkle, new brightness of spring and soft pastels of summer. Add in all the holiday special themes and colors and you cover it. I have not had the opportunity to make jewelry for Groundhog’s Day yet, but it could happen! Thanks for all the jewelry supplies that you make possible. “Sue”

  • Memories of winter snows turning from white to blue and then finally to shades of purple and sometimes orange in the evening’s last light always inspires me.

  • I don’t handle the cold weather very well anymore, but I love to look out the window when it snows – not that we get much snow in West Texas! I appreciate the beauty of an untouched yard or field covered in snow. I appreciate the icy blues and winter whites in icicles hanging from the eaves. But I appreciate it all from the warmth of my home! I’m always game to try new color combinations in my jewelry.

  • I love the sparkle of the freshly fallen snow on a bright sunny morning. How the air is still somehow warm and crisp as you walk through the snow coververed evergreens in the wood that are almost bowing from the snow on their branches. Gentle icicles forming on the lifeless tree branches that now make everything sparkle in the sunlight. How you can only hear your footsteps and you walk in the prestine area which covers all life from the year before to begin anew in the spring.

  • I like to look for the textures. The concrete, some wood grain, even the snow melt over a river can lead to something unexpected. So for me it isn’t so much the time of year or change in season, but reminding myself to look around and pay attention otherwise I might miss something important.

  • As a native Floridian, I didn’t discover seasons until I was in my late 30’s. My inspiration comes from memories of the beauty of snow and sparkling ice. Also from the brilliance of Florida winter sunsets, which are spectacular!

  • Oh so pretty….This time of the year and inspiration? The sun glinting on the icicles. The sparkle crystals of Ice on a Snowbank. The refection of the blue skies in the deep waters of the icy lake..My list goes on and on and On…LOL! I’m all about the sparkles and crystals.. 😛

  • Even though I’m not a winter person… I am always pleasantly astounded by the beauty of crystalline iciness. There’s something magical about the transformational power of a little snow. Even the most busted up industrial wasteland can be turned into a winter wonderland. So, that’s what inspires me this time of year. I could totally see these treasures being incorporated into some really beautiful, wintery designs!

  • I am always inspired at this time of year by the crispness in the air, the brilliant colors in the leaves, and the shimmer of the morning frost on the grass and trees. It’s as though we are surrounded by crystals and gems, and should be able to pluck them directly from nature and create from them whatever jewelry we choose.

  • Winter inspires me as the joy and laughter comes from children bundled up playing in the snow. Icicles getting sucked on and hot chocolate with marshmallows melting. Friends and family close with lots of heart warming conversations and just shared moments together. The Winter weather brings us indoors so it is nice to have all near. :mrgreen:

  • Alaska! I live in Alaska, and winter nights are full of stars, a dark dark blue sky, snow on the ground and of course, the Northern Lights. It’s breathtakingly beautiful and makes it worth standing outside freezing with a hot cup of cocoa just to take it all in. The colors and feel of it are amazing.

  • I love the opportunity to make/give something wonderful to those I care about. The weather of fall and winter, as well as the changing of the leaves, inspire me with hope about the coming renewals of spring, and I can’t wait to see what my artist friend have created over the winter!

  • I love the view of the snow-capped mountains, the the beauty of the leaves turning fall colors that reminds us winter is near. When the sun shines through the trees and the golden leaves shimmer like gold with splashes of ruby and emerald to compliment. This is my favorite time of year, it reminds me that even though the tree will be bare soon, it will come alive once again with the chirping of the robin and then we will enter spring. The miracles of nature.

  • I love this time of year! The trees are getting bare and the pretty leaves are on the ground. Those first snowflakes glisten in the sun. Clear and white beads with a few wires remind me of those trees hidden behind the snowflakes. It’s so pretty. What a great giveaway! I love shopping with Halstead Bead!

  • Winter arrives for me this year with another surgery to remove another small mass on my kidney.
    I can see the beauty of winter on my work table with many hours of cancer therapy making holiday jewelry while recovering.
    Your generous gift of beautiful findings would allow me to create many fun creative projects. I would donate my work to some very special woman in cancer treatment at the Seattle Cancer Care alliance in Seattle Washington infusion department. These little treasures will keep me busy and help make some fellow cancer survivors a very happy holiday season!
    Thank you for the chance to do what I love most during the holiday season! Create and donate!
    Best of luck to all and May you all have a Happy and Healthy holiday season!
    Remember always…”Its all in the Elements”!

  • like to make all kinds of jewelry, good time of the year for indoor adventures, winter is slow to come to Alabama, hope for no snow but we have lots of rain, have garden planted with greens, good luck to everyone to be the winner of the bead collecrion

  • The thing that inspires me the most this time of the year is the upcoming excitement in the eyes of not only children but adults as well. I tend to give away alot of my creations and the smiles that it brings make it all worth the effort. KUDOS to creativity!

  • This is my favorite time of year. The changing of the leaves brings joy to my heart! Meaning, time to start making jewelry gifts for family & loved ones. One year I did not give out my typical gift of jewelry & received lots of complaints…just imagine the smile on my granddaughters faces if I was able to give such lovely jewelry to them with these items!
    Thank you & have a Blessed Year 🙂

  • The colors of this time of year inspire me. The deep reds, the brilliant golds and oranges. The crispness and purity of un-disturbed snow. I love the last part of the year.

  • My grandchildren always inspire me. I love to see their little faces as they experience new sights and sounds of the Christmas season. The girls love “pretties” and Grammy is happy to oblige. I love the colors and sparkles in this collection. Thanks for the opportunity to receive them. Blessings!

  • This time of the year the festive Christmas season inspires me. I love snow and to wake up and see a fresh blanket of fallen snow is so exciting, thus inspires me to make a necklace of what I am seeing. Snow on rooftops, snow on streets, snow on trees. It all builds a beautiful necklace, earrings and bracelet in my mind!

  • My Mother is what inspires me this time of year. She would always get into the holiday spirit making gingerbread houses and decorating like crazy from Thanksgiving till Christmas Eve. Her baking and cooking were out of this world. She now has Alzheimer’s and so me and my sisters try our best to keep her traditions alive for our kids and grandkids.

  • The Colorado of nature be it the beautiful late autumn Colors or the greens silvers red blue and white of Christmas

  • I am so inspired this time of the year by all of the warm colors of fall. I love the colors of the leaves changing and have really enjoyed making pieces of jewelry using these colors. I am currently starting to be inspired by Christmas colors and sparkles of snow. I would love to win this and create some gorgeous jewelry. Check out my designs at http://www.jujubeads.shophandmade.com and like me on facebook at JuJu Beads Handmade Jewelry. Fingers crossed…

  • The holiday season inspires me the most. I see all of these beautiful decorations, hearing holiday music and just seeing how excited my grandchildren get this time of year. It not only inspires me to make jewelry, but all kinds of crafts. I could really use this! Thank you for the opportunity 🙂

  • I am inspired by the coolness and the cleansing it makes me feel. The crispness of the snow makes the Christmas lights awesome and clearer. The blues and silvers are so vibrant again. The collection I would love to win is the Let It Snow Set. How crisp and sharp would that be?

  • what inspires me most is how people are extra nice to one another. good will to all people.. it means that people get that they CAN be nicer…

  • My favorite time of year is Christmas, I spend it with my only granddaughter~so on Christmas eve we did a wire wrapped bracelet for her~she was so excited that she could do this with her grandma. My granddaughter is very special girl and learning lots in school 4.0 student and I know she to would love to learn how to do some projects with me helping her! Thank you

  • There is a mystery to the changing cold weather that inspires me; this time of year is darker often and seems to call for more sparkle. The cold brings memories of coming into the warmth from the freezing air for a holiday party and conjures visions of Lara from Dr. Zhivago gliding in a sled pulled by horses across the snow, dancers shaking the snow off their coats to whirl around under chandeliers. It’s just a very romantic time of year!

    • Sorry, I accidentally hit reply too early. I’m inspired by those who remember to be cheerful givers during the holiday season, and give up both money and time just to make the season bright for someone else. I also find something to take away each time I perform during the holiday season, whether it be at church or in my city youth orchestra (I play the bassoon). It just always feels a bit more special 🙂

  • My daughters and nature inspire me! My three daughters all live hours away, one in England for the last year and a half. They’ll be home for Christmas and I am thrilled. They are very artistic, creative and unique. I make them piles of jewelry and they wear and love it. I would be delighted to incorporate these pieces into three entirely different pieces individually suited to each of their tastes and present them on Christmas.

  • When I think winter, I think ski season! Our family loves to ski and it gives us a great chance to all be together while having fun! Then at the end of the day, it’s family time sitting around the fireplace watching the beautiful snow falling softly. It may be cold outside, but we are warm in our hearts!

  • Inspiration abounds this time of year! I’m inspired by the colors of the fist snow fall, icy and iridescent sparkle. The warmth of the fire in the hearth and holiday cheer bring another surge of creativity. The love of family and sharing always inspire me to make gifts.

  • During this season. Ice inspires me how it easily changes form from a solud to liquid to gas. Its awe inspiring.

  • I have recently retired, and found myself getting back into beading. I love the creations I find on your page, and the colors, I didn’t used to like, I now love them! Inspiration, comes from the pages of your website, and I look through everything, for New design ideas. Thanks again! :mrgreen:

  • I live in nc so we don’t get much snow but i and 2 of my granddaughters have birthdays in december. i also love to make jewelery especially in blues 🙂 lenora

  • What inspires me this time of year while making my jewelry is remembering the crafty things my grandmother use to teach when I was young like how to sew by taking any of her random shirts from her closet to let me cut up so she could show me the stitches to make things for my dolls or her letting me play with her jewelry and wear them.I grew so close to her and respected her for showing me those things and as I got older..I wanted to make things for other people and little girls.Everything I make has my spirit of love in it and around this time of year we have Thanksgiving Day and Christmas were its about more then getting gifts…its about making someone smile and feel loved and giving them something from you to cherish for awhile.That’s why I love when I do festivals and give a little child a bracelet. Or necklace for free sometimes…they way their eyes light up and they can’t wait to wear it.That what inspires my heart about this time of year and making jewelry always.And I used to love making my family jewlry for the holidays and making my grandmom big sparkley bracelets..she passed away 2years ago but I will keep making her a bracelet to add to others and ly them next to her tin with her ashes in it..she loved making people happy and so do I.A lot think making jewelry is just a hobby but its not..its spiritual joy

  • In the winter months, in love to use clear sparkly beads in combination with turqoise or blues ! I lean more to silver, but I love it all!! Since my husband lost his job in May, I have not been able to purchase anything, which drives me crazy!! But I do have your catalogue and when the situation gets better, watch out!! Lol! I WILL be shopping!! ;D

  • As the fall disappears into winter, I’m inspired by the sparkle of the frost and snow in the sunlight. It is there for a short time until it warms slightly but in that short time there is a sparkle of diamonds on the ground. I love making jewelry that imitates things seen and found in nature….. shapes, colors, textures.

  • this time of year, I get inspired by aall the colors and the cool crisp clean air. It just gets my mind set on all the things I cn make out of what Mother Nature hs to offer. All the designs that show up t this time of year !! 🙂

  • Love your blog and page for buying beading supplies…This time of year the holidays inspire me to create gifts and decorate my home so your site is a great place to explore and find what I’m looking for! xox Deborah

  • I love the snow! The snow covered mountains surrounding my home in AK always inspired me to create sparkley treasures for my family and friends at Christmas. Alas we had to move away this summer, so I won’t get to see the beautiful mountains this winter. Would love to win these fabulous pieces to inspire me to create something wonderful and help me not feel so home sick. 🙄

  • What inspires me this time of year are the grey skies. Now that may not sound very inspiring at first, however, when you combine the beautiful colors of the leaves set against the grey skies, make for one of the most breathtaking sights that I have ever seen.

  • My children, my home, the magical feeling when the first flakes start to drop. When I think of winter I am always brought back to the times when my kids were small and we would get home from school, and they would sit by the window watching the snow fall while doing homework. I would get warm drinks, snacks, have dinner cooking, and yes…..we would bead and craft when all work was done. If I won this kit, it would help celebrate my long -anticipated return back home, and my now grown daughter and I would use it to totally rock out making jewelry like we used to. How cool is that!!?!! 😀

  • Seeing the snow in the mountains inspires me to create earrings with clear AB crystals that resemble icicles. I love it when the sun hits the sparkly snowflakes!

  • The weather is definitely what inspires me this time of year..chilly nights perfect for college football (GO UofA Wildcats!!!) The changing of the leaves; leaves falling to the ground; the change in the colors of the day and night, going to the cool colors.

  • All the lovely beads that come out in time for Christmas inspires me!! Then sorting beads does anytime of the year.

  • I lived in Alaska for 30 years – always inspired by the Aurora, the snow covered mountains and glaciers. Now I’m in Asheville, NC experiencing my first colorful fall here! I’m amazed at the colors…..the color palette is beautiful. The birds here are colorful as well.
    I love to juxtaposition delicate crystals with rustic components and metal!

  • I am inspired by all of the Christmas and winter colors, the vibrant reds, the beautiful blues and I love the crytsals : )

  • I am inspired by the joy and wonderment in my grandchild’s eyes when she sees snow falling outside. She gets so quiet and is in complete amazement, that it reminds me that it’s the little things in life that make it special.
    Thank you!

  • Snow on the trees always makes me think of fairyland asleep and waiting for spring wake up. The proverbial -“Winter Wonderland”.

  • This time of the year I am inspired by the magic that surrounds me. It’s in the little things I see that most people miss. Moss on an old log. The glimmer of sunshine in a puddle of water. The scent of pine while shopping for a Christmas tree. This inspiration then comes home with me and I get in my creative mode and jewel away! This would be an exciting addition to my supplies!

  • I love clear crystals, those in silver shade and rich darker colours of winter. Deep red rubies, amethysts, emeralds, sparkling black diamond crystals. Winter reminds me of dried ice crystals on the trees. Of snowmobiling with friends. Hot chocolate or hot butterscotch schnappes. Aurora Borealis rivolis set in pewter, with snowflake crystals can be worn with black velvet for New Years. Perfect for Galas and a fire in the fire place (even a cozy gala for two). I love glam. I lvoe the deep colors of winter…and silver is so “in”. Winter is my favorite. Love the texture of the snowflakes. Keys are a great focal.

  • I live in Florida, and this time of year the cooler weather brings me outdoors and closer to nature. I love when the jewel toned Painted Buntings come to my bird feeder, and the hummingbirds visit the bright red fire spike bushes. My yard is filled with so many butterflies, coppery orange and silver gulf fritillaries, tiny little blues, and bright yellow sulphurs. I even spy the occasional bright lime green knight anole perched in a tree! Most of my designs are inspired by what I see in my own yard… even the pine cones that have fallen from the slash pines, give me ideas. Getting up close to everything, allows me to see the tiniest details that might trigger an idea. I often take my sketchbook outside with me too and sometimes hours will pass before I realize it! 🙂

  • I am inspired by people and the signs and symbols that give them hope and inspiration and help them through things in their lives when they see them or hear them. It is something I have always been fascinated with and often wondered about others and chose to ask this as I am beginning a new journey into crafts and specifically jewelry 😀

  • What inspires me is when we’ve had a dusting of snow, the temps drop nearing or below zero and the fog settles in building the hoar frost on the trees. Then at night if you’re up late and outside the northern lights dancing in the sky and on the hoar frost make for wonderful creations. Thank you and I’m already dreaming of dancing snowflakes.

  • I am inspired by the music of Christmas, the vibrant reds and greens, the cozy sweaters, the blush red in the cheeks of little ones. The anticipation and planning of a New Year. The family get togethers, the wonderful food, the smell of pumkin pie, the leaves changing color and most of all being with the ones you love.

  • I am most inspired by the cold, crisp snowy days..the ones tha keep me indoors! The sights, and absence of sound on snowy days always helps my creativity flow!

  • I am most inspired by cold, snowy days! I love the sights and absence of sound on snow days! I love to stay inside and create while the winter wonderland forms around me!

  • I am inspired by nature. Every season of the year brings inspiration. This time of year: the turning/falling leaves, fall flowers, big fluffy clouds, clear blue skies, dark, rainy days and bright starry nights, snow and icicles, birds and animals. Even the crispness in the air can be inspirational.

  • For me it’s the first heavy snow, the kind that sticks to everything. Not only the pine trees but the bare branches as well. Then when the sun comes out, before it melts, the sparkle dancing off everything. The quiet hush and the wonderful scent.

  • Since I live in Texas now and it rarely snows here, my inspiration comes from pictures and memories. As the weather grows colder, I dream of the snow I used to watch fall and then run out and play in. I remember the gray clouds that flowed across the sky with their promise of snow to sled on. Of hot cocoa and mom’s chicken soup. Catching snow flakes on my tongue. Snow ball fights. More hot cocoa. 🙂 Snow people. And the warmth of a fire place. I see the blues, grays, and whites of childhood memories. And I smile.

  • I love beads. Their colors, shapes feel of them. I especially like the beads i order in those grab bag or bosses bead style bags. The creativity is endless.
    I love to try New things. My inspiration come from people i talk to and i get a feel of them then i create a special piece.

  • Even though I’m not a cold weather person, I love the first touch of sun light on fresh fallen snow. It so breathtakingly beautiful.
    At night, I love how bright the stars are.
    I would love the opportunity to win this kit abd try and create just some of the beauty of this time of year.Thank you.

  • This time of year, I’m inspired to create treasures as gifts to my friends. As I create, I think of the person, giving thanks for their friendship, and praying for them, bead by bead. It is truly a gift from the heart.

  • I love this time of year.As the days get shorter and the nights get longer and the big freeze starts to come down from the north.I love to sit by my fire place with my beading table and look out the window and see the leafs change.I try and get insprition from nature.I see childern running around playing in leaf pile all bundled up in there hats and scarfs with the excitement of Christmas right around the corner.Then when December comes and we start to get our first snowfall I look out my window at all the winter colors and different textures from nature and I let that influence my design for the piece I want to make.Then when Chirstmas comes of course I have to make holiday pieces for friends and family.I love this time of year because as the day get colder we spend more time indoors bundled up with family and friends.Have a happy holiday season everyone.

  • I love the snow but unfortunately in the south I don’t get to see much of it!! Thanks the the opportunity to win these beautiful pieces!!

  • 🙄 I am inspired by the beautiful sunrises and sunsets here where I live. We have some fall colors but not like the east coast…. once winter snuggles in around Jan. we are gifted my all time favorite time which is th snowfall. The sound of snowfall is aweinspiring and brings out my creative side, I gues one could call it my muse, I am not sure. All i know is creating jewelry for me is like breathing, if my hands arent creating I am designing in my mind for the next chance to pull something together.

    Happy Fall Everyone!

  • What I could do with these beads. Would love to win a winter collection of beads- just before the holidays. Dreaming of all the ideas for great gifts of jewelry!

  • 😯 what an awesome set of beading /jewelry inspirations. These could be used in so many different ways. Would love them. 😀

  • I am inspired by the hues and colors of fall. I love this time of year. Pumpkins and leaves, I just love the colors and smells.

  • This time of year, the sky is such a beautiful blue! The sparkle of sunlight on the frost that covers the ground – and my windows! – like tiny diamonds scattered about. I think what inspires me as much as God’s embellishments are memories of my mom, who recently passed away after the long decline of dementia. Christmas and holidays, chances to have her family together -these were what inspired her to create this time of year, and what, in her honor, continue to inspire me.
    Thank you so much for the opportunity to win these beautiful pieces! I’d love to create something from them especially with Mom in mind.

  • The cool weather inspires me to cook lots of yummy soups and stews….also while being inside more…I get to work on beading and craft projects… 🙂

  • Love the blues and silvers for winter. It is such and elegant look and can really change the look of a sweater or simple dress. 😆

  • The sun glistening off of the icicles/snow and the smell of a woodstove are what inspires me this season 🙂 I would love to win some winter time inspiration 🙂

  • I get inspired by the people around me. Also the colors of spring ,summer,fall and winter. I love to make new things with beads for friends and family. I guess you say I’m inspired all year long. 😎

  • The falling leaves usually motivate me this time a year. I have actually tatted more Fall decorations for my cube than ever. My co-workers keep asking me to make them some. I can’t imagine what they would say if I won this collection and used it to decorate my cube for Winter.

  • What inspires me most this time of year is my family and friends–what they like. I’m usually making presents for them.

  • I love the colors of fall. I try to incorporate them with copper wire work. I love it!!! As we are going into winter, the brightness of a white necklace with tiny accents of ice blue is a fun look! I live to create with nature as my inspiration!!

  • Love the colors of fall, so rich and vibrant!!! Then it is followed by the soft shimmering shades of blue and icy white of winter. such a contrast. 😀 😛

  • I am inspired by fall colors and the holiday season. I love making gifts for friends and family and seeing their faces when they open them. I try to personalize items to their favorite colors and something special that may be going on in their life. I hope my items bring them joy and make them smile.

  • This time of year inspires me to spend more time with family and friends and to be thankful for what I have. The cold outdoors, the holiday decorations, I love it all!

  • The rising prices of everything are interfering with my craft!
    Already inspired just from the picture.
    Beading is so relaxing,
    beading with free beads
    is every beaders dream 🙂

  • What inspires me most about this time of year is the crisp cool air upon my face, the sparkling diamonds of the snow by moonlight, family get togethers and the kindness of strangers to those less fortunate. I only wish random kindness extended to 365 days a year..but maybe it can if we let it.

  • The cool relief of autumn weather, anticipation of family get-togethers, and holiday festivities always ignites my imagination. I don’t create to sell, so I do it for pleasure and to bring a little happiness to those I can give them to. So it’s really the people in my life that inspire me the most and this time of the year they smile a little more and making those smiles a little bigger makes me happy.

  • What inspires me is watching the chidren playing in the snow, building snowmen, having snowball fights, n sledding. Most of all is the look on their faces while doing those things.

  • The first snow is like mother nature’s eraser; Suddenly everything is clean, white, and perfect – even covering without bias – poor run-down neighborhoods in the city, mud bogs out in the country, or just your typical city street are all made equal for one brief moment.
    That blank slate is just the right inspiration a creative mind needs to start filling it up with new creations using wonderful shiny things! :mrgreen: 😀

  • Big puffy white clouds in the middle of an icy blue sky, objects being swirled around by the wind, a colorful horizon at sunset through the leaf barren trees, not to mention the sights,sounds and smells of the Holidays all inspire me at this time of year.

  • Christmas is my favorite time of year. The bright colored lights and the decorations are so beautiful, and the true meaning of Christmas. It is a wonderful time for celebrations and getting together with family and friends. I would love to win so that I could make some beautiful jewelry for family. 🙂

  • Winter always inspires me…it has been my favorite season for forever. We don’t get much snow in New Orleans, so I spend my time creating sparkly, glittery snow related jewelry and other things that remind me of the incredible magic of snowflakes and Winter.

    Thank you for this giveaway. I absolutely love these pieces…really beautiful!

  • Winter inspires me because it’s truly a time for family. And the icicles are sooooo lovely! But I’d rather be inside (where it’s warm) crafting my little heart out or spending time with those I love. Even better if I get to do both at the same time! <3 :mrgreen:

  • This time of year I love to watch the birds that are migrating through our town. Thier colors and the shape of thier wings inspire me in my jewelry making. I also love the falling leaves, but here in the desert, we see more green than orange, because of the winter showers 😉

  • I have had a rough year.Broke my arm,passed a kidney stone and had stress induced shingles in less than a year.I am inspired to try to make it through a year without new injuries and have a better life makeing jewelry .I love making jewelry!!

  • These are absolutely beautiful pieces and have many ideas! I am already making Jewelry for Christmas gifts. It’s a passion being able to give a handmade gift and seeing the smiles it brings.. 🙂 Victoria

  • I love crafting, I am an adult volunteer with girl scouting and the girls inspire and challenge me. The festivals and holidays are great to share and get ideas from. Thank you for the chance to win… My birthday is the 24th and it could be an early birthday present!!

  • The colors of fall are inspiration for jewelry creations during this time of the year. These colors would be great to use as a change into winter. Blue and crystals remind me of cold air and icy frosty winter.

  • My inspiration is from finding the happiness of the season through the children who are going through devastating illnesses yet are so in awe of the season. They love to give of themselves so unselfishly. Bringing smiles to those who have it better no matter how they are feeling themselves. One of the 8 year old survivors and I are working on a design that she can help incorporate in some jewelry & give the proceeds to her favorite brain tumor charity. Can’t wait for the magic!

  • This time of the year I’m inspired by the thought of my gift recipients opening a gift of handmade jewelry for Christmas. I am challenged to come up with something different, unexpected, and just right every year.

    Just getting back into beading again after a short Hiatus. Enjoy reading and looking at the beads that Halstead Jewelry has to offer. Thanks again. 😀

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