On the Road Again

I head to the massive Bead & Button show today to take a week of jewelry making classes. Here is the run down.

Jewelry making classes at Bead & Button

My bags are packed, the Laverne & Shirley theme song is playing in my head and I have a hankering for a Spotted Cow brewski. Yes indeed it is Bead & Button time again. Tonight I leave for Milwaukee to take in the whirlwind of classes and fun at the annual event. I can’t wait.

I am always nervous that federal agents will take me away in handcuffs after I check my suitcase full of jewelry making tools that appear to be some kind of torture toolkit. Is anyone else uneasy when they check a bag full of hammers, torches, saws and files? Hmmm us jewelers are probably all on terrorist watch lists by now.

This year I am taking six jewelry making classes on skills including metalsmithing, enamel and wirework. I am particularly excited to dabble in enamels for the first time in a class I am taking with a dear friend from childhood.

So, expect lots of tweets and Facebook posts of my attempts at new techniques. I leave determined to soak in as much knowledge as I can….and to try famous Wisconsin cheese curds. Wish me luck!

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