Pick Up More Jewelry Sales, With a Little Luck

Luck themed jewelry pieces are great sellers this time of year. Embrace the fun of St. Patrick's Day and add good luck charms to your jewelry collection. Check out some ideas in our latest blog.

I love St. Patrick’s Day. It’s great to have a holiday that is all about low key fun and silliness without any expectations whatsoever. For most people the holiday is a time to embrace superstitions of luck and go out to get a beer with friends. It is, of course, also about all things Irish. I’m waiting for Hallmark to create a similar fun holiday for all of us Portuguese-Americans but it hasn’t panned out yet.

It always surprises me that we see a noticeable uptick in sales of green crystals, Celtic items and silver luck charms in the months ahead of St. Patrick’s Day. I don’t think of St Patty’s as a jewelry buying event; but I guess I am wrong. Apparently, the occasion is also a time for whimsical self-purchasing. So, if you have not already tried promoting designs for March 14th, this might be the year to give it a shot. Here are a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

Irish Pride

The emerald isle has a rich cultural and artistic heritage. Celtic designs are perennially popular. Get your Irish pride on with knots, claddaghs and old Irish proverbs. Eireann go Braugh!

Celtic Findings

Thank you, Angelina Jolie

Ever since Angelina walked the Oscars red carpet with her stunning emerald drop earrings in 2011, green stones have had a renaissance. Women everywhere are choosing a pop of bright green to offset all kinds of outfits. Think chandelier earrings, stacking bracelets and lariats.

Swarovski Elements

Lucky Charms

Luck symbols are solid sellers year-round. They are perfect for simple pendant necklaces or charm bracelets. We all know about traditional charms like horseshoes, clovers, rabbits and wishbones. But, there are also many less conventional lucky talismans in cultures around the world. For example, ladybugs, elephants, turtles, acorns and scarabs are all considered to be symbols of good fortune.

Lucky Charms

And, of course, BEER!

Irish pubs and micro-breweries across the nation give thanks for St. Patrick’s Day every year. It also gives me an excuse to shamelessly plug this adorable CZ set silver beer charm (neon clover sign not included). Love it!

CZ Beer Mug

Whatever your plans are for this St. Patrick’s Day we hope you have lots of fun. Drink responsibly and wear your fantastic new lucky jewelry designs!



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